Full-Form of CCTV In English | Meaning of CCTV

By | September 8, 2023
Full-Form of CCTV In English Meaning of CCTV

Edumantra has the best explained CCTV Full Form. Take advantage of freely available Full Form of CCTV at our website. Remain full of knowledge of Meaning of CCTV. We would like to tell that the full form of CCTV is Closed Circuit Television.

CCTV Full-Form, meaning, definition

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CCTV is a very famous word and is known by the world very well. In this topic, we are focusing on CCTV Full-Form with short information about it.

CCTV  Full Form | What is Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

It may be related to technology, company news channel etc. Let see CCTV meaning which is given below.

1) Closed-Circuit Television:- is the CCTV Full-Form in English. As we know it is a device which we use for taking care of any particular place or area. It is a camera that is available with different features to monitor any specific place or area or location. Currently, It is available in all major areas as on traffic signals near to roads, hospitals, banks, etc and public areas.

In simple words, It is a camera device and we can install it in any particular area to monitor that particular area to monitor or record any illegal activity or crime or any bad thing which should not happen.

Uses of CCTV:-Now these days, CCTV camera is used by everyone as a company, organization, government, bank, etc. as well as ordinary people are also installing this camera to their everyone as company, organization, government, bank, etc, as well as ordinary people, are also installing this camera to their home, shop or storehouse to record the illegal activity of crime or stealing.

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Types of CCTV cameras IP-based Chris? Camera, Wireless camera, moving camera, etc

Internet Protocol Cameras IP’ based camera is a camera which connects with the Internet and we can be conned through LAN or it could be on WIFI this is very famous and attractive technology because math internet, user can monitor via laptop of mobile

Wireless CCTV Camera: Wireless camera is also famous and it could be Internet-based or non-Internet-based because of Internet of IF’ based camera can be accessible by the user around the world with the help of data connection of internet. And the non-Internet-based camera doesn’t require any cable but it cannot be accessed by a where because of the lack of internet.

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2) China Central Television is another CCTV Full-Form which is a broadcast TV network It shouts many programs of a mixture of mew’s, entertainment, drama, documentary, and corned)!!, the main, which consists of Chinese soap operas and entertainment. It has 45 channel networks, which is accessible to more than 1 billion viewers.

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