3. ACP Full-Form | What is Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP)

By | September 15, 2022
what is full form of acp

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The (abbreviation) full form of ACP is Assistant Commissioner of Police

What is the full form of ACP?

ACP full form in the police is Assistant Commissioner of Police. It is one of the higher ranks in the Indian Police Service. It is possible to get the rank by either direct selection through Union Public Selection Commission (UPSC) or by the promoted from state police cadre after successful completion of 15-20 years of service. In both the ways minimum education qualification requires graduation.

ACP Full Form | What is Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP)

Additional Information About ACP

Assistant Commissioner of Police holds one of the highest grades in the Indian Police Services next to the grade of Commissioner. It is an honourable post and treated with great respect. The rank of an ACP was created in 1876 as the policy of Indianisation was introduced. Assistant commissioners of police are state police officers who belong to the provincial police forces. ACP’s are appointed in the district level as well but the rank is assistant commissioner of police in commissionerate system, whereas deputy superintendent of police in the district level.  ACP’s or DSP’s hold three stars on their uniforms. ACP ranks 10th in the dignitary hierarchy of police services. ACPs can be promoted to the level of IPS after limited years of service ranging from 8-15 years which varies depending on the state.

ACP Police Salary 

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) salary is 15,600- 39,100 INR along with grade pay of 5,400 INR.

Responsibilities of ACP-

  • ACP is responsible for controlling the administrative and day-to-day operations of the department like a criminal and other related offences.
  • To provide citizen input into the police department’s policies, actions and decisions.
  • He should perform his duties according to the rules and regulations and abide by the laws of the constitution.
  • He is answerable to his higher authorities and is responsible for producing the related reports whenever needed.

Duties of ACP-

The main objective is to establish department policies and procedures. They are also responsible for coordinating the activities of various divisions, such as patrol services, criminal investigations and code enforcement. They work to develop positive relationships with their communities and collaborate with other government entities, including the district attorney’s office, state and county police departments and federal agencies, like the FBI.

Different categories of Assistant Commissioner of Police-

  • Civilian Assistant Commissioner of Police – The responsibility of these ACP’s is to increase a police department’s accountability to the community it serves. They are responsible for reviewing and approving police department promotions, budgets and official department policies and procedures.
  • Sworn Police Commissioners – These ACPs have direct operational control over their department. They are held responsible for all administrative and operational activities of the police department. They coordinate with other police departments and federal law enforcement agencies.

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