2. ACB Full-Form | What is Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB)

By | January 15, 2020
ACB Full Form | what is Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB)

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The (abbreviation) full form of ACB is Anti-Corruption Bureau


Additional Information about ACB

The Anti-Corruption Bureau is an agency set up by the government to prevent the prevailing evil of bribery and corruption in the country thereby making the country free from being polluted by illegally making the wrong use of money.

The ACB includes a special police force investigating on matters related to corruption and fighting against corruption.

ACB is a massive force which acts as a whole to prevent corruption. The vision, mission, strategy and values of ACB is as follows:-

Vision of ACB

To create a dynamic and result oriented Anti-Corruption system in terms of:-

  • Professionalism,
  • Effective implementation of Law,

Mission of ACB

To effectively enforce Anti – Corruption Laws with integrity & impartiality and strive to achieve the highest standards in the duties being performed, the services being rendered & the professionalism being displayed.


Focus Areas –

  • Exercising effective Corruption control,
  • Effective implementation of laws against corrupt officials,
  • Booking the corrupt elements & thereby preventing heavy loss to the State Exchequer,
  • Collecting intelligence with regard to Disproportionate Assets, Misuse of Powers i.e. Criminal Misconduct by Corrupt Government Officials,
  • Preventing & Detecting Corruption related to crime.


  • Integrity: To maintain the high standards of Integrity through an unbiased application of policies & practices.
  • Courtesy: To treat each member of the Public and their complaints with Respect, Courtesy & Compassion.
  • Efficiency: Be tough, assertive and appreciative of different perspectives to meet the specific needs of our mission.