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Writing creative, unique, professional and great articles is no doubt a tough job but it is rewarding if you perfect this art. This is a vast field including magazine articles, website content articles, SEO articles, blog articles, academic journal articles, newspaper articles,
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How to Write an Article Step by Step-
Eye-catching Title – This is the most important part of your article. Give your article a title that catches the attention of the reader. If you choose a topic burning It should be relevant to them. 
Beginning – Begin your article with a quotation or popular poetic line that supports your topic most relevantly. Let the readers be satisfied that you are going to write something new and relevant.
Content- A vast ground for your creativity comprising reasons, effects, the present state of affairs, etc. This part must include.

1. You are Ravi/Reshma. You happened to see the following lines in a newspaper.

“We all moan and groan about the loss of the quality of life through the destruction of our ecology, and yet each one of us, in our comfortable little ways contributes daily to that destruction. It is time now to awaken in each one of us the respect and attention our beloved mother deserves,” says Asner, an Environmental supporter.

Using ideas from the unit of ‘Environment’ and your own ideas, write an article for your school magazine on the topic “Save the Planet Earth”.

Ans.                                                     Save the Planet Earth

We all mourn and groan in the chorus. Lamenting the slow but sure destruction of ecology has become one of our favourite pastimes. It is a tragic irony that each one of us is contributing to that destruction. The results have been disastrous. Earth is no more a pleasant, cosy and safe place to live on. All its natural resources, mountains, hills, rivers, lakes and seas have been mercilessly polluted and plundered. And the villain is none else than the man himself.

 Man’s greed and hunger have no limits. The ruthless and cruel hands of man have scorched and maimed the planet Earth. His misuse and abuse of nature and natural resources has led to the gradual destruction of the environment and ecology. Man and his domestic animals swallowed more and more forests and green belts. Progress has come at a very high price. Unplanned urbanization and industries have resulted in the degradation of the environment and ecology. Our rivers, lakes and seas have become dumping grounds for human and industrial wastes. Global warming has led to the melting of the polar ice and glaciers. If this degradation and destruction are not checked immediately, we will not be able to save this planet. Let us act before it is too late. Let us redeem our pledge to save this earth before it is too late.

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2. Look at the picture given below. It depicts the massive jam of vehicles reflecting the chaotic state of traffic in metropolitan cities. Taking clues from the picture and using your own ideas, write an article depicting the existing state of traffic on roads and suggesting ways and means improve the conditions.

Ans.                                                              Chaotic Traffic in Metros

Chaos, dirt and disorder have become the regular features of metros in India. Nowhere the chaotic conditions are more visible than on their roads. The chaotic state of traffic in metropolitan cities has become a cause of concern for the concerned authorities as well as the public. The ever-increasing number of vehicles on roads have resulted in frequent traffic jams. There is hardly any space left for pedestrians. The traffic becomes really unmanageable at peak hours. The atmosphere gets polluted with smoke, dust and fumes of diesel and petrol. The possibilities of road accident are always there in such chaotic conditions.

The concerned authorities must find out ways and means to bring order and system on the roads in metros. First of all, they should restrict the entry of heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and containers in the city. Secondly, public transport must be made more comfortable, cheap and clean. The metro-train services have been a great success in Delhi. They should be introduced in all other cities too. Last but not least, the traffic police must streamline the traffic and maintain ideal road culture to avoid jams and chaotic conditions.

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3. Even after about seven decades of independence women have to walk miles together in certain parts of the country to fetch water as shown in the given visual. There is not only the scarcity of water but water in most places is also contaminated. Using the given visual together with your own ideas, write an article on the scarcity of clean drinking water in the country. Also, suggest how this problem can be solved.

 Ans.                             The scarcity of Clean Drinking Water                                                                                                  

Many people believe that the Third World War will be fought on the issue of water. The statement doesn’t seem to be exaggerated. The constant degradation of the environment has played havoc with water bodies and water resources. It is quite unfortunate that even after nearly seven decades of independence; India has not been able to provide clean drinking water to its swelling population. Moreover, water in most places is contaminated. Women in India have to walk for miles to fetch water in many areas. The situation in certain states is quite alarming. Rajasthan and Gujarat are the worst affected states. The water level has gone abnormally low. Many wells, lakes and tanks go dry in the summer. The scarcity of water is not confined to villages. The situation in towns and cities is even worse. The taps remain dry most of the day. The Government is duty-bound to provide clean drinking water to its people. First of all, rivers, lakes, tanks and other waterbodies must be protected and preserved. Water harvesting of the rainwater must be given the top priority. The people must be educated not to waste even a drop of water. Water is a precious life-sustaining resource. Let us not exhaust it. Let us not contaminate or misuse it.

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4. Rahul/Rita came across the picture given below in a newspaper. It shows workers removing a large quantity of dead fish from a river. He/She was moved and decided to write an article for his/her school magazine on ‘Environmental Degradation’. Write an article using your own ideas and the ideas from the unit on “Environment”. Also, give suggestions on how water pollution can be curbed. Destruction Caused by Water Pollution

Ans.                                                           Environmental Degradation

The man has proved to be the greatest villain. He has destroyed nature and natural resources. He has caused havoc with the ecology and environment. The unprecedented deforestation has made our hills and mountains ugly and bare. Our water bodies are polluted. The green belts and forests are shrinking. In short, environmental degradation has become a major cause of concern in modern times.

We are callously indifferent to the environment. Unplanned urbanization and building activities have swallowed our forests, fields and greenery. The degradation of the environment has led to frequent floods and famines. The pollution of the seas and rivers has affected not only humans but also water-animals. A large quantity of dead fish is taken out of our rivers and lakes every year. The industrial and human wastes have made the water of our rivers and lakes unfit for human consumption. The emission of smoke and poisonous gases from the chimneys and vehicles has polluted the air beyond redemption.

There is a lot of hues and cry to save the planet Earth. Mere empty words without any real follow-up actions will serve no purpose. The rising global warming and the degradation of the environment must be stopped at once. Otherwise, this planet will no more be a pleasant place to live on.

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