Class-8 5.Short Essay and Article on : Unplanned and Haphazard Urbanization

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Taking help from the information given below and inventing your own ideas, write an article on ‘Unplanned and Haphazard Urbanization’.

Hints: • Migration to cities • Satellites town around metros and big cities • No planning; green belts disappearing • Property dealers and builders minting money • Slums and unplanned urbanization.

Ans.                                         Unplanned and Haphazard Urbanization

People say that India lives in its villages. Quite true. But things are changing fast. And unfortunately, they are changing for the worse. Now the shift is from villages to cities. This unprecedented and hasty migration has resulted in unplanned and haphazard urbanization. Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and other metros are gradually but surely turning into big slums. Crowded hutments have no proper drainage, sewage and water. Such unplanned colonies are mushrooming in all big cities and towns.

The Government and the town planners seem to be sleeping over the problem. The Government can reverse the trend by setting up rural based and cottage industries. Farmers are selling agricultural land as farming is no more lucrative business. The Government must ensure agro-based industries in the countryside. In cities, the Government must crush unplanned and haphazard urbanization. It must act before it is too late. Otherwise, dirt, filth and slums will choke us to death.

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