Class-8 10.Short Essay and Article on : Lead a hygienic life to fight the fever

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You are disturbed by the way the viral fever likes dengue and chikungunya spread during the summer season. You would like to write an article for a leading newspaper about the problem.


The infection spread due to increase in temperature — we are responsible for this —keeping the surrounding clean will not spread the virus — eat healthily — avoid junk food — play and exercise make us fit.

Ans.                                                     Lead a hygienic life to fight the fever

As the summer season begins, cities, small towns and villages witness the increase in the cases of fevers like dengue, chikungunya which spread like wildfire. We are all aware that such infections spread due to the increase in temperature which makes it conducive for the virus to spread. Let’s not forget that we, the people, are responsible for this situation. This is affecting both cities and villages alike. These diseases could be prevented very well by taking precautions and leading a healthy and hygienic life.

Generally, these diseases spread through the unclean environment which nurses the viruses and bacteria. Keep the surrounding clean by not letting water to log and stagnate in and around the households and in the public water bodies like the pond, the river will make the virus and bacteria not spread. Another important point is to eat and live healthily. We need to know what should we eat for the season. It is better to avoid food which generates much heat in our body. Curd and buttermilk will provide enough nutrients and also keep our body cool. We need to avoid carbonated drinks and spicy food during this season. Play and exercise make one fit. A walk of forty-five minutes every day will make us happy and healthy.

No disease comes on its own. People with their habits and lifestyle invite them. As the saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure’, we need to take precautions depending on the seasons and temperatures. Let us lead a healthy and hygienic life to be away from diseases this summer season.

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