Class-8 6.Short Essay and Article on : Unprecedented Price-Rise and Inflation Pressures  

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Flue to unprecedented price rise and inflation, Indian people are not feeling well. They are leading their lives under tremendous pressure. Taking into consideration these points write an article on the topic ‘Unprecedented Price-Rise and Inflation’.

Ans.                                 Unprecedented Price-Rise and Inflation Pressures                                                                       

The unprecedented rises in the prices of food and essential commodities and the inflationary have not only crushed the poor and weaker sections but have also broken the backbone of the middle class. The irony of the situation is that all these things are happening after a very satisfying monsoon this year. Despite a bumper crop, the prices of vegetables, fruits, pulses and dairy products have touched the sky. Things have gone beyond the control of the government which keeps on feeding the masses on fall assurances. In spite of all assurances of the Minister of Agriculture that prices of onions will fall within 30 days, the results have been to the contrary. Onions were sold at Z100 a kg! Even potatoes and tomatoes have gone beyond the reach of the common man. The prices of pulses and edible oils and fruits tell the same pathetic story. There is no possibility of a let up in the near future. The high prices of petrol and diesel make transport and freight charges still costlier. It makes the LPG cylinder costlier for the housewives. Rising food prices and inflation make it imperative to address the supply side bottlenecks at the earliest. Production is not reaching consumers’ doorsteps. Hoarding and black-marketing have added to the woes of the people. The government has remained a meek spectator so far. It has given a long rope to the hoarders and profiteers and has been saying to take drastic steps against them.

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