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1. The pressures of childhood or the pleasures of childhood? Children always wonder why they have to slog. They always want to play and concentration on studies is difficult. Most schools instead of instilling confidence in the students, only put fear into them. In many schools, the strength of a classroom is an out sixty or even more. So, it is practically impossible for teachers to attend to each student’s problems. So the easiest way of maintaining order and discipline in classrooms was by instilling fear in the minds of the students. So it’s a pity that most children grow up in this atmosphere of fear. No wonder that they often lack confidence.

2. Parents too are to blame for this syndrome for they make life difficult for their children by setting unrealistic goals without even assessing their strengths and weaknesses. And most parents try to live their dreams through their children. By doing so, I think they are doing a great injustice to their wards.

3. The years in junior college are perhaps the toughest for any teenager. It is bewildering to learn that some of them study for 16 to 18 hours a day. The pressure to excel in academics begins from the eighth or ninth standard. Consequently, students are forced to keep punishing schedules, which do more harm than good to them. Very few people realize that not all of them are cut out for academics.

4. Today the competition in any walk of life is very stiff. So it is very important that we build our self-confidence and strengthen ourselves before picking up the gauntlet. Success at school and college does not always spell success. No doubt, one has to do well in studies, but even more important is the process of learning’. It is essential that we learn new things and move ahead in life. It’s no use rejoicing over past glory.
5. In every field, there are pressures to perform. But instead of succumbing to the pressures one has to be motivated and perform better. After all, in every failure, there is a lesson to be learnt. And then both parents and teachers should guard against putting unnecessary pressure on children, Man’s biggest enemy is his fear of failure. It is something, which can adversely affect his performance. So, brace up and do your duty without any fears.

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