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Leave No Stone Unturned

The world’s greatest achievers are those who have always stayed focused on their goals and have been consistent in their efforts. If you have a dream, don’t just sit there. Muster courage to believe that you will succeed and leave no stone unturned.

I dream of a world where everyone is inspired to grab befitting opportunities and ones’ physical bring is no barrier in fulfilling ones’ dreams and aspirations It is these dreams that have brought the world to what we can see today and our aspirations will shape it in future. What now exists was once just a mere image in our mind.

When we as ‘us’ consider our responsibilities as our opportunities, the clear in our purposes and line for awesome, we grow. All we need to understand is that life is what we make it. What we saw today. We will read it in future. Our dreams are gardens and our efforts are gardeners. The obstacle may stop us, failure may mar our spirit, but then it is hoped that gives everything its value. So stand up, take a step and move ahead to achieve what you aspire for and then persevere to reach the zenith of success.

Don’t let the so-called mental blocks control you, set yourself free, confront your fears and turn these mental blocks into building blocks and in doing so leave no stone unturned. Let your success larn you satisfaction, glory and recognition.

M     For the Million things you gave me

O     For how you are growing Old

T      For the Tears you shed to save me

H     For the Heart of purest gold

E     For the Eyes full of love

R     For you are always Right and always be.

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