157. Class 9 & 10 Short Essay and Article on : Exploitation of Women

By | February 9, 2019

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Write an article on the exploitation of women in society.

Ans: –                                       EXPLOITATION OF WOMEN

This world has always been a man-dominated world. The man has treated a woman not as an equal partner in life but as a mere slave. The woman is for him the weaker vessel. He has given her many beautiful names. A man calls his wife better-half. Women are known as fair-sex. We call them devices. But all these are mere sugar-coated words. Man uses such words as bait to beguile this beautiful creation of God. He perpetrates all kinds of atrocities on her. He abuses her physically, sexually, morally, economically and also politically. He uses her merely as a plaything, as a tool to satisfy his animal desires. This is because the man is physically stronger than a woman. He knows that woman can’t win him in the battle of muscles. That is why he has kept her in a state of perpetual slavery throughout the ages. But times are beginning to change now. Women are becoming alive to their rights. Education has gone a long way to improve their lot. But still much remains to be desired.

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