153. Class 9 & 10 Short Essay and Article on : ‘Population Explosion’ in India

By | February 9, 2019

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Write an article for a newspaper on the problem of ‘Population Explosion’ in India. In your article you should touch upon: (i) meaning of population explosion, (ii) causes of this population explosion, (iii) why the growth of population should be checked, (iv) various steps needed to check the growth, and (v) development of medical science can help in family planning.

Ans:-                                                    POPULATION EXPLOSION

The population of India is increasing at a very fast rate. We can call it ‘population explosion’. It is very harmful to the country. At present, the population of our country is more than 105 crore. Control over disease is one of the causes of this fast increase. Medical science has made great progress. Powerful drugs have been invented. We have better medical services. There are no epidemics now. The fear of disease has almost ended. So death by disease, famine or flood is a thing of the past now. It is good that the death rate has decreased. But we should check the birth rate also. We must take steps to control the fast growth of our population. People should be dedicated to the need for family planning. They should be educated about the advantages of small families. The most important task before the nation is to check the growth of the population.

 It is never possible for any father to bring up a large number of children well and properly. He can’t supply all their needs. He can’t give them a good education. Thus he spoils not only his own life but also the future of his children. A big family is a curse not only for an individual but also for the nation.

It is not at all difficult to restrict the size of one’s family. It merely requires a bit of confidence and will power. One must come out of the shell of worn-out ideas and customs. Medical science has come to the help of a man in planning his family.

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