156. Class 9 & 10 Short Essay and Article on : The Evil of Drug Addiction

By | February 9, 2019

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Write an article for a newspaper on the growing evil of drug addiction among the youth.

Ans:-                                                            THE EVIL OF DRUG-ADDICTION

Drug-addiction is becoming very common among our youth. Evil is more rampant in big cities than in small towns. Perhaps the youth finds this life too tiring and burdensome, and as an escape from it, they take to drugs. Now, look what happens. Very often, love and fun and new thrills make the beginning. Sometimes parents themselves become the cause of pushing their children into this evil. They are too strict or have no time to look after them. The young ones feel neglected. It may also be that they find their education purposeless. In most cases, parents lay high hopes on their sons and daughters. They use bitter words when their wards fall short of their expectations. Even those who do well in their studies are not able to get any good jobs. It leads to bitter disappointment. They discover that all their education has been useless and purposeless. Finding themselves faced with a hostile and indifferent world the helpless youth take to drugs. By this, they seem to forget their problems and miseries, at least for some time. They little realize that by doing so they are inviting their own doom.

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