18.Short Essay and Article on Hard work

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Hard work

Oh, Man! work like a dog and live like a king, hard work can help you accomplish anything. The systematic work only bears the fruit, try to select only an appropriate route.

You are a gifted human being with intelligence, show your prodigy and prove your confidence.

The world is so wonderful with opportunities, in which you live around many communities.

Do not be lazy and be busy as a bee you work hard and sweat you pay will return.

Your identity is your dignity and designation, it gives you certainly fame and recognition.

Students constantly work hard for success, parents really strive hard for their progress.

Players play hard for the glory and conviction, warriors struggle for the nation’s protection.

We get up each morning and head off to work from construction to retail, and a paper shuffling clerk. Like the trees in our forests, our jobs certainly vary. A super busy schedule, they commonly carry.

Our work is broken down, as we focus on each task. Bosses over our shoulders, a countless question they ask. Let us not forget about all those extra long hours. Evening our filled, with exhausted cold showers.

All this hard work is not hopeless or bleak. A career of our choice waits at the peak. We should combine hard work, with the skill that they need. Throw in some passion, and we’ll surely succeed.

If you work hard you carry the Earth in your hand. But not with a magical wand. Hard work gives you pain, but you will gain. Don’t look back & ask why; if you don’t ask you can fly in the sky.

It takes plenty of efforts, to do the job right. The end result is a simple delight.

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