84.Short Essay and Article on Rising Prices

By | August 4, 2020

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 Prices of food articles are increasing day by day and there is a wide gap between wholesale prices and retail prices. The common man is suffering. The government is trying to control the prices. Write an article in 100-120 words on `Rising Prices’ and give suggestions on how to control them. You may use the hints given below:

Hints : (40 per cent below the poverty line, incomes of lower middle class very low, prices of food articles risen high, difficult to make both ends meet; steps were taken by the government; causes of rising prices; your suggestions).                                                                                                         

Ans.                                                                    Rising Prices

 What we can find as a major roadblock for our country’s economic progress are the rising prices. Almost every consumer-oriented commodity like food articles is now high in cost. The essential goods that we need for our day to day survival are increasing in price every week/ month. Milk, fruits vegetables, groceries and grains which we need every day are so high in price that there is no question of buying or even thinking of buying more of the goods. There is a wide gap in the prices between the wholesale and the retail market. Indeed the fact is that neither the producer nor the consumer benefits, in the end, thanks to the middlemen whose f business is thriving. In such a condition, we find it difficult to make both ends meet. The income of the lower middle class is very low to meet the minimum expenses of the family. If this is so, then the condition of the poor is still pathetic. With 40% of poverty in our country below the poverty line, we can say that almost half the population remains hungry for the most part of the day. In spite of government subsidies to farmers. Poverty still prevails and the prices of food articles remain high. The government should take a middle course wherein both produce and the consumer benefit, while the middlemen should not be the sole beneficiaries.

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