41.Short Essay and Article on “Generation Gap Is a Myth or Reality”

Write an article on “Generation Gap Is a Myth or Reality “. You are Mohan/Molina.

 “Generation Gap Is a Myth or Reality”

Ans. ‘Generation Gap’ is a term which is often coined to point out the different behaviour of today’s teenagers. Parents often use it as a negative term to indicate their anger and frustration at their offspring are doing. While, on the other hand, teenagers use it to signify their freedom and label their own parents as ‘outdated’ and ‘out of touch’ with reality. In truth, it is neither a positive nor a negative term. It is definitely present. Yes, very much there, as mindsets do change from one generation to another but it is not such a big ‘real’ issue that can become the cause of fallout between teenagers and their parents.

As a child grows into a teenager and then into an adult, he wishes to follow a different lifestyle from that of his parents. This might not be essential but is a sufficiently common scenario. A youth’s social icons, his idols and the value system to which he adheres are often not the same as that of the parents. He might like to dress up differently and live differently from what his parents designate as the ‘right choice. His thoughts and actions might not always be different. At times, they shall agree with those of his parents. It even happens that the advice of his parents which he considered ‘obsolete’ at the age of fifteen suddenly becomes full of wisdom when he is twenty- five.

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