Class-8 8.Short Essay and Article on : The menace of Naxalism in India     

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Read the notes given below and write an article on ‘Menace of Naxalism in India’ in 100- 120 words. You can invent your own ideas.


  • Social inequalities in India
  • Exploitation and corruption
  • Political repression and hypocrisy
  • Armed struggle
  • Naxalism: a revolt against the establishment

Ans.                         The menace of Naxalism in India                                                                                                               

India excels in contrasts. India is emerging as one of the major economies in the world. But India has the largest number of people living below the poverty line. It has the maximum number of illiterates. It has given birth to disappointment and dejection in certain quarters. In the 1960s, there started an armed struggle in a tiny village of Bengal, Naxalbari. It aimed to overthrow the Government through an armed revolution. The same movement survives in some pockets in Jharkhand, Bihar, Bengal, Andhra and Maharashtra. They call themselves ‘Maoists’ as they get inspiration from Mao-Tse-Tung of China. The Naxalites or Maoists challenge the might of the state. They run their own ‘people courts’ and enforce their own laws. There are often encounters between the armed forces and the Naxalites. So far the Government has failed to root out Naxalites and Maoists from their strongholds.

Economic and social disparities create social unrest. Naxalism gets strength from these social disparities and exploitation. Agrarian reforms, upliftment of villages, literacy and providing jobs to the rural unemployed can help in creating peace and prosperity in the villages. Peace and prosperity are more effective weapons to fight against Maoists and Naxalism than the bullets of the armed forces.

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