Idioms and Phrases Exercise No- 8

By | April 27, 2019

Study of idioms and phrases is very important to learn the English language. We are providing 100 idiomatic expressions which can be said idioms examples. Through this idioms dictionary, you will learn idioms and phrases English. So if you are searching for  10 idioms and their meanings with sentences, 20 idioms with their meanings and sentences you are at the right place. These 1000 English phrases are going to prove the Oxford dictionary of English idioms. These can be downloaded as idioms and phrases pdf. So Enjoy this phrases list.


Directions: In each of the following questions, choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom printed in bold.

1.Spick and span

(a) Neat and clean

(b) Outspoken

 (c) A ready-made thing

 (d) Garrulous

2. To take the wind out of another’s sails (Q.E.B. 1985)

(a) To manoeuvred to mislead another on the high seas

 (b) To cause harm to another

 (c) To defeat the motives of another,

(d) To anticipate another and to gain an advantage over him

3. To carry the coal to Newcastle

(a) To work hard

 (b) To finish a job

(c) To do unnecessary things

(d) To do menial jobs

4. To turn the cover

(a) To take a new way of life

 (b) To work hard

(c) To pass the crises

(d) To hides the reality

5. in double-quick time

(a) Steadily

(b) Very quickly

(c) Gradually

 (d) Much time

6. The pros and cons (Bank P.O. 1992)

(a) For and against a thing

 (b) Foul and fair

(c) Good and evil

(d) Former and latter

7. A sop to Cerberus

(a) Bribery

(b) Hush money

(c) Ransom to an enemy

 (d) Money for compensation

8. To give one a long rope

(a) To speak ill of

(b) To get into trouble

 (c) To dismiss

(d) To allow a man to continue his mistakes or crimes

9. ‘To hit the nail on the head

(a) To hit the target

 (b) To catch someone napping

(c) To guess right

(d) To settles the old score

10. A baker’s dozen

(a) Twelve

(b) Charity

(c) Thirteen

(d) Allowance

11. To have full hands

(a) To be fully occupied

(b) To be rich

(c) To be in a lot of troubles

(d) To leads an easy life

12. To run amuck

(a) To run a race

(b) To runs about in a frenzy

 (c) To feel exhausted

 (d) To run to somebody’s help

13. A bull in a china shop (G.I.C.A.A.O. 1990)

(a) A person who is very ugly but loves the beautiful things of life

(b) A person who takes a sadistic delight in harming innocent people

(c) A person who becomes too excited where no excitement is warranted

(d) A person who is rough and clumsy where skill and care are required          

14. By fair means or foul

(a) Without using common sense

(b) Without difficulty

(c) In any way, honest or dishonest

(d) Having been instigated

15. To look down one’s nose at

(a) To backbite

(b) To show anger

 (c) To insult in the presence of others

(d) To regard with half-hidden displeasure or contempt


1. (a)        2. (d)

3. (c)        4. (c)

5. (b)       6. (a)

7. (c)        8. (d)

9. (c)        10. (c)

11. (a)      12. (b)

13. (d)     14. (c)

15. (d)

Download the above Idiom Exercise in PDF (Printable)

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