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2. Reading Skills Comprehension -Neem Oil: The Best Mosquito Repellent

Neem Oil: The Best Mosquito Repellent

Read the following passage carefully :
1. With the arrival of winter, the mosquitoes go in hiding but they still remain a menace that is tolerated by all and sundry, whether rich or poor throughout the year.
2. Using repellents made by various companies foreign or Indian that are flooding the markets in different brands and types assures all a safer sleep, protected from the mosquitoes’ bites.
3. But, in studies that have been carried out by experts, Neem oil would be a better mosquito repellent when compared to the market’s repellents in terms of cost and impact on human health.
4. The studies have revealed that domestic Neem tree, of a botanical name of Azadirachta indica, has amazing repellent property against mosquitoes’ movements.
5. The Neem oil, what is produced from the fruits of the Neem tree, can provide a more than ninety per cent protection from the mosquitoes responsible for malaria, and, is effective on dreadful dengue carrier parasites too.
6. The most attractive feature of Neem oil is that it is cheaper.
7. The study emphasized instruction of the people especially in rural areas to use it for their personal protection.
8. Market-based repellents like coils, mats, vaporisers etc. contain usually prallethrin or allethrin as the main compound with insecticidal properties.
9. But, the repellents of these synthetic chemicals are not proven as non—hazardous product due to toxins. The study of Industrial Toxicological Research Institute, Lucknow, has revealed that some serious health consequences have been reported after the use of synthetic repellents.
10. Abnormal facial sensations, sneezing, sniffing, dizziness, fatigue, skin reaction etc. were the complaints that were recorded.
11. The Malaria Research Centre (MRC), a premier body of government of India, says that 31 worst effects of these repellents is seen in the case of children.
1 2. Neem oil, therefore, has been found to be the best solution to the mosquito nuisance and promising a phytochemical (a plant chemical) in malaria control.
I 3. According to the study, carried out by Dr V.K. Dua and others, application of coconut. oil, with a mixing of just 2 per cent Neem oil in it, on the exposed body of a human-like face, hands and legs makes for safety from the mosquitoes’ bites.
I4• Dr Dua is a scientist in a field station of Malaria Research Centre at Hardwar and data were taken in the study of Hardwar district.                                            Source: Tapan Susheel (The Hindustan Times)

                                   Type — I (Sentence Completion)
1 4. 1 On the basis of your reading of the passage, complete the following statements:
1. Mosquito repellents are being used by people all over the world to…………………….
2. The repellents that are found in the market are unsafe as………………………………..
3. The fascinating feature of neem oil is……………………………….
4. If you apply coconut oil with two per cent mixing of Neem oil on your body parts it…………………………
5. Neem oil is better mosquito repellent because …………………………….
6. Using market-based repellents can cause  ………………………………..
                                        Type — II (Word Attack)
14.2 Find words from the passage which mean the same as the following
1. something that causes a problem (Para 1-4)
2. very surprising (Para 4-7)
3. made known/shown (Para 7-10)
4. results (Para 9-12)

1. protect from mosquito bites                                       
2. they can cause serious health consequences.
3. that it is cheaper and more effective                        
 4 gives safety from the mosquito bites.
5. It does not have any side effects                              
 6 facial sensation, dizziness, sneezing, sniffing, fatigue etc.


1. menace     2. amazing     3 revealed     4. consequences

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