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16. Reading Skills Comprehension: BPOs


Read the passage carefully:

BPOs have often been faulted for the lack of women in their senior managerial positions.”Communication and self-expression are the key challenges that women working in the BPO sector face today. These problems arise from lack of confidence,” says the CEO of a blog for women who work in BPOs.

Not all BPO women are considered to be confident and on par with their male colleagues. Women at the senior level may be very confident but lower rung employees have a long way to go. Another interesting angle to the debate on female self-expression is the number of women from small towns and conservative backgrounds who are new to the BPO culture. What awaits them at the industry is a complete cross-cultural dilemma—a new work culture pressure of the deadline and never experienced before graveyard shifts. Such dilemmas tend to worsen when self-expression is curtailed or not encouraged. Employers do not present the full picture of the industry to prospective candidates. All is not rosy at the hiring stage. No employer comes forward to tell the flip side of the story. “Life has taken a turn since I started blogging. I hardly get time to talk to friends or family members because of work pressure. But my blog helps me express my thoughts and feelings to so many people who are facing problems similar to mine,” says a BPO employee.

The sector wants more women to join. The companies, especially, are looking at women for the stability factor. The current man-woman ratio in the BPO sector is 63:31 and the number of women are set to rise. So the blog is a platform that women can use to express their concerns.

On the basis of your reading of the above passage, choose the correct options from the ones given. Write the correct option In your answer sheet:

(a) The BPOs are often criticized ____________

(i) for communication and self-expression

(ii) for the lack of women in their senior managerial positions

(iii) for the poor financial status

(iv) for the lack of manpower

(b) According to the CEO of a blog, all women are not fit for BPOs because

(I) they are not confident and on par with their male colleagues

(ii) they find it very difficult to manage with the menfolk

(iii) they come from conservative backgrounds

(iv) they don’t have graveyard shifts

(c) Two problems faced by small-town women are ______________

(i) self-expression and poor background

(ii) a new work culture and never experienced before graveyard shifts

(iii) poor communication and living standard

(iv) big towns and conservative backgrounds

(d) One of the advantages of ‘blogging’ is that _______________

(i) it helps in the expression of better feelings for everyone

(ii) it gives time to talk to friends

(iii) it helps in the expression of thoughts and feelings to so many people

(iv) it gives an opportunity to become friendly

(e) What do you mean by the BPO culture?

(i) working conditions at a BPO

(ii) working and living atmosphere at a BPO

(iii) employment opportunities at a BPO

(iv) training at a BPO

(f) The word ‘flip side’ means ______________

(I) different and less welcome aspect              (ii) welcome aspect

(iii) hopeful aspect                                                 (iv) dismal aspect

(g) The word ‘curtailed’ means_______________

(i) increased                                                             (ii) lessened

(iii) encouraged                                                      (iv) enlarged


(a) (ii)            (b) (i)                    

(c) (ii)            (d) (iii)                  

(e) (ii)            ( f) (i)           

(g) (ii)

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