151. Reading Skills Comprehension – Gratitude



Read the following passage and answer the following questions:-

‘Sorry’ and ‘thank you’ are the two most commonly used words. But how often do we actually mean them? Before we say ‘thank you’ we need to understand the basic meaning of gratitude. The ability to feel grateful or express kindness or be thankful for something is called gratitude. Today, we are busy trying to survive, fulfil our needs and meet our goals. We often forget or disregard the need to appreciate what is around us.

It’s the small and simple things that make up for the big picture. Many of us work with clockwise precision and efficiency. But it’s the other people who actually make things happen. Very often we do not give a second thought or look to others who work to make our lives comfortable and easy; even if they are paid for it, they still mean a lot to us.

Think of all that you truly feel grateful for, in your life. Give that extra thought to something that you have not yet paid attention to. Instead of worrying about what you do not have, or are not getting, start feeling grateful for what you truly have and what makes you happy.

Connect to the positive feelings and emotions that you experience because of some people in your life. The more you focus on the good feelings, the more opportunities with happiness come your way.

Ask those who do not live in places where they can see the sea. Observe their reaction when they get to be near the sea whenever possible. They will immediately turn around and tell others how lucky those people are to be so close to the sea. We take it for granted and may not even realize it. The importance and essence of a person, object, situation or thing is often felt in its ‘absence’. Rather than wishing to turn back time, live every moment to the fullest and be grateful and happy for what you have. Change your attitude, understand others and do not take them for granted. Open your heart to say ‘thank you’ or sorry’ and be appreciative of everything that touches you and makes a difference in your life for the better.                                                                                                               

On the basis of your reading of the above passage answer the following questions:

 (a) What is the simplest way of expressing gratitude?                                                                        

(b) What do you think is holding us from displaying our appreciation?                                           

 (c) How do little things in life affect us?                                                                                                

(d) What else is required to make human life wonderful other than developing an attitude of gratitude?        

(e) What is meant by the word, ‘survive’? (Para 1)

(i) to exist                     (ii) to start

(iii) to experience      (iv) to agree                                                                           

(t) What is meant by the word, ‘precision’? (Para 2)

(i) truth                        (ii) greatness

(iii) majority           (iv) accuracy                                                                                      

 (g) The synonym for the word, ‘gratitude’ is. ______ (Para 1)

 (i) greatness               (ii) love

(iii) thankfulness     (iv) beauty                                                                                       

(h) The antonym for the word, ‘positive’ is (Para 4)

(i) appealing                 (ii) negligible

(iii) negative              (iv) neutral                                                                                   


(a) The simplest way of expressing gratitude is saying ‘thank you’.

 (b) We are busy trying to survive, fulfil our needs and meet our goals. This leaves us with little or no time to display our appreciation.

(c) We tend to overlook the little things we have that make us happy. We should appreciate everything that touches us and makes a difference in our life for the better.

 (d) We should understand others and not take them for granted. Moreover, we should live every moment to the fullest and be grateful for what we have.

 (e) (i) to exist (f) (iv) accuracy (g) (iii) thankfulness (h) (iii) negative

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