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17. Reading Skills Comprehension: Humour


 Read the passage carefully:

You are endowed with certain naughtiness as a child. Keep it alive. Humour will grease all tough situations. One who has humour can sail through any conflict. Humour is the buffer that saves you from humiliation. If you refuse to be humiliated, you become invincible. Humour brings everyone together, while humiliation tears them apart. In a society torn with humiliation and insult, humour is like a breath of fresh air.

Humour should be coupled with care and concern. Humour can keep the spirit high, yet if overdone it leaves a bad taste. Humour without wisdom is shallow. Humour without sensitivity is satire—it comes back to you with more problems.

The wise use humour to bring wisdom and to lighten situations. The intelligent use humour as a shield against humiliation. The cruel use of humour as a sword to insult others. The irresponsible use of humour to escape from responsibility. And fools take humour too seriously!

How does one cultivate a sense of humour? Humour is not just words, it is the Lightness of your being. You do not have to read and repeat jokes. Humour can be cultivated by taking life not too seriously (because you will never come out of it alive), having a sense of belongingness with everybody, including those who are not friendly, practising Yoga and meditation, having unshakable faith in the Divine and in the laws of Karma, being in the company of those who live in knowledge and are humorous, a willingness to be a clown.

On the basis of your reading of the above passage, choose the correct options from the ones given. Write the correct option In your answer sheet:

(a) What can save you from humiliation?

(i) buffer                              (ii) butter                            

(iii) humour                        (iv) yoga

(b) Excessive humour results in _______________

(i) high spirit                      (ii) low spirit                 

(iii) bad taste                      (iv) good taste

(c) Humour is used as a protection against humiliation by ______________

(i) the wise                          (ii) the intelligent          

(iii) the cruel                      (iv) the fool

(d) One cultivates a sense of humour by _______________

(i) practising yoga and meditation

(ii) having faith in the laws of Karma

(iii) taking life not too seriously

(iv) all the three above

(e) Humour is taken seriously by ________________

(i) the wise                          (ii) the foolish      

(iii) the cruel                      (iv) the intelligent

(f) A humorous person is _______________

(i) confident                       (ii) cheerful and faithful

(iii) cynical                          (iv) disappointed

(g) The word ‘invincible’ in para 1 means _______________

(i) weak                                (ii) good                     

(iii) cruel                              (iv) strong


(a) (iii)                   (b) (iii)                  

(c) (ii)                    (d) (iv)                 

(e) (ii)                    (f) (ii)       

(g) (iv)

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