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3. Reading Skills Comprehension -God Bless You

God Bless You

Read the following Passage and answers the following questions:-

1. By the time our delayed train reached and I disembarked with my father and baby Lavanya, it was past midnight. It was cold, dark and foggy. My husband, Manas, who was to receive us, was nowhere in sight. Soon the platform became deserted.
2. Then, a burly man approached us and offered to carry our bags. He wasn’t wearing the usual porter’s red shirt and tag, and though I was wary, my father decided to hire him. Leaving Lavanya and me with the man, my father went to look for Manas. I took a closer look at the man and felt apprehensive. He was big hairy, his face was pockmarked and his eyes looked bloodshot.
3. Just then Lavanya, who had been sleeping in my arms, awoke and turned to look at the porter. He gave a playful smile and held out his arms. I thought she’d start crying and held her closer. But she smiled back and twisted herself out of my arms into his.
4. Now I was really scared. What if he ran away with my baby? He must have sensed my fear and, even before I reached out to take Lavanya back, he handed her to me. Turning around, he mumbled that though everyone was scared of him, my innocent baby had accepted him. His eyes had tears in them. I didn’t know what to say.
5. At that moment, my father returned with Manas. The man picked up our bags and walked towards the cars park. As having put our luggage in me, he placed his hand on walked away. As we followed him, I asked Manas to pay him a little extra. But, having put our luggage in the car, the man refused to take payment from us. Coming up to me, he placed his hand on my baby’s head for a moment as if to say, ‘God bless you! And walked away.
                                   Type — I (Multiple Choice Questions)
1 Choose the most appropriate option :
1. The author was apprehensive when a man approached her as:
(A) he was scary looking                ( B) her father was not with her
( C) he was drunk and had bloodshot eyes    (D)) her husband  was nowhere in sight
2. The man refused payment because:
( A) the money offered was less            ( B) he was not a porter
( C) he sensed the woman’s fears and wanted to help her
3. The man handed the baby back to the lady as:
(A) he feared the baby would start crying        (B) she reached out for the baby
( C) he realized that she was scared            (D) his eyes had suddenly filled up with tears

4. This incident made the author realize that one hou1d :
(A) not be scared of strangers
(B) only take the service of a regular porter
(C) not allow the strangers to handle their children
(D) not judge people by their appearance

5. ‘Apprehensive means :
(A) appreciated              (B) fearful                   (c)happy                      (D) sad
6. Find the word from the passage which means the same as getting off :
(A) deserted      (B) disembarked              (C) marked           (D) accepted
7. Find the word from the passage which means the same as “spoke unclearly”:
(A) offered             (B) disembarked             (C) mumbled            (D) twisted

1.   (1) A         (2) D       (3) C           (4)D     (5)B          (6)B       (7) C

2 Answer the following questions briefly:
1. What kind of a weather was it when the author climbed down her train at the station?
2. Describe the appearance of the strange man who approached the author.
3. Describe the different attitudes of the author and of baby Lavanya towards the strangers.
4. What brought tears in the strange man’s eyes?
5. What help did the man render to the author?


1. The weather was cold, dark and foggy.
2 He was a burly looking man, wearing porter’s red shirt and tag. He was big hairy; his face was pockmarked and his eyes looked bloodshot.
3. The author was suspicious of him but baby Lavanya gave a playful smile to him.
4. The baby had accepted him while everyone suspected him.
5. He carried the author’s luggage to the car.

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