Hard Words : The Tiny Teacher Difficult Words in English with Hindi Meaning | An Alien Hand | Class 7 | 2023-24 Updated

By | October 4, 2023

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from The Tiny Teacher. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying The Tiny Teacher Word Meanings from An Alien Hand Class 7.”

Hard Words : The Tiny Teacher Page No.- 1

Smallest = tiniest, least big (सबसे छोटा), Wisest = smartest, cleverest (सबसे बुद्धिमान), Commonest = most usual, frequent (सबसे आम), Untrue = false, not real (असत्य), Pets = animals, companions (पालतू जानवर),

Behaviour = conduct, actions (व्यवहार), Tiny = small, mini (बहुत छोटा), Hard-working = diligent, busy (मेहनती), Intelligent = smart, clever (बुद्धिमान), Feelers = antennae, sensors (संवेदना अंग),

Antennae = feelers, sensors (एंटीना), Talk = chat, converse (बात करना), Messages = news, info (संदेश), Row = line, queue (कतार), Moving = going, advancing (आगे बढ़ रहे),

Wall = barrier, partition (दीवार), Greets = meets, says hi to (मिलना), Opposite = facing, across (विपरीत), Direction = way, path (दिशा), Touching = tapping, contacting (छूना)

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The Tiny Teacher Difficult Words in English Page No.- 2

Kinds = types, sorts (प्रकार), Commonest = most usual, frequent (सबसे आम), Black = dark-colored, ebony (काला), Red = crimson, ruby (लाल),

Children = kids, youngsters (बच्चे), Attention = focus, notice (ध्यान), Live = reside, dwell (रहना), Comfortable = cozy, snug (आरामदायक),

Homes = residences, dwellings (घर), Nests = habitats, shelters (घोंसले), Anthills = ant homes, mounds (चींटी का घर), Rooms = chambers, spaces (कमरे), Passages = corridors, hallways (रास्ते), Queen = ruler, leader (रानी),

Lays = places, sets (रखती है), Eggs = ova, embryos (अंडे), Nurseries = care rooms, baby rooms (पालन कक्ष), Young ones = kids, offspring (छोटे), Grubs = larvae, baby ants (लार्वा), Workers = laborers, employees (कामकाजी चींटियाँ)

Good Word Meaning of Lesson The Tiny Teacher Page No.- 3

Reserved = set aside, saved (आरक्षित), Quarters = areas, sections (क्षेत्र), Searching = looking, seeking (खोजना), Food = nourishment, sustenance (खोराक),

Storehouses = depots, warehouses (भंडार), Soldiers = warriors, guards (सैनिक), Separate = distinct, individual (अलग), Barracks = quarters, housing (बैरैक्स), Live = reside, stay (रहना), Harm = injure, hurt (नुकसान पहुंचाना),

Grub = larvae, young ant (लार्वा), Peaceful = calm, tranquil (शांत), Share = portion, part (हिस्सा), Work = labor, task (काम), Intelligently = wisely, smartly (बुद्धिमानी से), Bravely = courageously, boldly (साहसिकता से), Fights = battles, conflicts (लड़ाई), Members = individuals, participants (सदस्य), Group = team, colony (समूह), Wings = flaps, feathers (पंख)

English Difficult Words of Chapter 1 The Tiny Teacher Page No.- 4

Bites = chews, snips (काट लेना), Wedding = marital, nuptial (शादी), Flight = journey, trip (उड़ान), Hot = warm, heated (गरम), Summer = sunny season, hot season (गरमी), Drone = male ant, mate (नर चींटी), Return = comeback, arrival (लौटकर आना),

Hatch = emerge, appear (से बाहर आना), Guard = protect, watch (रक्षा करना), Feed = nourish, sustain (खिलाना), Clean = tidy, sanitize (साफ करना),

Airing = ventilating, freshening (हवा लेना), Exercise = workout, training (व्यायाम), Sunshine = sunlight, rays (धूप), Cocoons = casings, shells (कूनी), Perfect = flawless, ideal (उत्कृष्ट), Teaching = instruction, education (शिक्षा),

Training = coaching, preparation (प्रशिक्षण), Builders = constructors, makers (निर्माता), Creatures = beings, animals (प्राणी)

The Tiny Teacher Word Meaning in English Page No.- 5

Sweet = sugary, pleasant (मिठा), Juices = liquids, fluids (रस), Pets = companions, animals (पालतू जानवर),  Playthings = toys, objects for fun (खेलने की चीज),

Greenfly = specific insect, ants’ cow (हरा मक्खी), Train = instruct, teach (सिखाना), Honeydew = sweet secretion, like milk (शहद की ओस), Antennae = feelers, sensors (एंटीना), Milk = extract fluid, draw out (दूध निकालना),

Humans = people, mankind (मानव), Learned = gained knowledge, educated (सिखा), Learning = education, knowledge (शिक्षा), Good use = beneficial application, wise utilization (अच्छे उपयोग में), Tiny = small, mini (छोटा), Teacher = instructor, educator (शिक्षक), Hard work = diligence, effort (मेहनत),

Sense of duty = responsibility, obligation (कर्तव्यबोध), Discipline = order, self-control (अनुशासन), Cleanliness = tidiness, hygiene (स्वच्छता), Loyalty = faithfulness, allegiance (वफादारी)