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By | October 4, 2023
Quality Word Meaning with Hindi edumantra.net

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Quality. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Quality Word Meanings from Honeycomb Class 7.”

Hard Words : Quality Page No.-72

Extreme = utmost, very high (अत्यधिक), Youth = young age, early years (युवावस्था), Fashionable = trendy, in vogue (फैशनेबल), Distinction = uniqueness, specialty (विशेषता), Ordered = requested, asked (मंगवाया हुआ), Failed = unsuccessful, ineffectual (असफल),

Mysterious = puzzling, cryptic (रहस्यमय), Wonderful = marvelous, splendid (अद्भुत), Shy = hesitant, timid (शरमीला), Stretching = extending, lengthening (फैलाना), Awfully = very, extremely (अत्यधिक), Beard = facial hair, whiskers (दाढ़ी), Lasted = endured, persisted (चलना)

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Quality Difficult Words in English Page No.-73

Temporary = short-term, fleeting (अस्थायी), Essence = core, nature (सार), Restfully = peacefully, calmly (शांतिपूर्वक), Church = worship place, chapel (चर्च), Guttural = throaty, deep (गले की आवाज़), Tip-tap = soft steps, patter (हलकी आवाज़), Slippers = sandals, mules (चप्पल),

Bent = curved, bowed (झुका हुआ), Apron = cover, overlay (एप्रन), Blinking = fluttering, flickering (आंख मारना), Awakened = stirred, roused (जागना), Russian-leather = aromatic leather, soft leather (रूसी चमड़ा), Retiring = withdrawing, receding (पीछे हटना)

Good Word Meaning of Class 7 Chapter 5 Quality Page No.-74

Shop = store, outlet (दुकान), Continue = persist, go on (जारी रखना), Wooden = made of wood, timbered (लकड़ी का), Chair = seat, stool (कुर्सी), Inhaling = breathing in, drawing in (साँस लेना), Incense = fragrance, scent (सुगंध), Gold-brown = amber-hued, tawny (सुनहरा-भूरा), Fixed = set, steady (स्थिर),

Beautiful = attractive, lovely (सुंदर), Admired = appreciated, praised (प्रशंसा की), Conveniently = comfortably, easily (सुविधा के अनुसार), Murmur = whisper, mumble (धीरे से कहना), Reply = answer, respond (जवाब देना), Tip-tap = light footsteps, tapping sound (हलके पैरों की आवाज़), Stairs = steps, staircase (सीढ़ी), Dream = fantasy, vision (सपना)

English Difficult Words of Honeycomb Chapter 5 Quality Page No.-75

Occasion = moment, event (अवसर), Creaked = squeaked, made noise (चरमराहट), Qualify = modify, adjust (संशोधित करना), Withdraw = pull back, recede (वापस लेना), Memory = recollection, remembrance (याद), Grave = serious, critical (गंभीर),

Absent-mindedly = inattentively, distractedly (अनध्यान से), Emergency = urgency, crisis (आपातकाल), Penetrating = piercing, discerning (छेद करने वाला),

Inferior = substandard, lesser (अधीन), Contempt = disdain, scorn (तिरस्कार), Froze = solidified, chilled (जम जाना), Comfortable = cozy, pleasant (आरामदायक),

Self-respect = dignity, pride (आत्म-सम्मान), Bitterly = sharply, resentfully (कड़वा), Conditions = circumstances, situations (परिस्थितियां), Hardships = difficulties, challenges (कठिनाईयां

Class 7 Chapter 5 Quality Word Meaning in English Page No.-76

Advertisement = promotion, publicity (प्रचार), Take away = remove, withdraw (हटा लेना), Lined face = wrinkled face, marked (रेखित चेहरा), Bitter = intense, harsh (कठोर),

Struggle = fight, battle (संघर्ष), Circumstances = situations, conditions (परिस्थितियां), Impression = effect, impact (प्रभाव), Elder = older, senior (ज्येष्ठ), Peered = looked closely, examined (ध्यान से देखना),

Aged = old, elderly (बुढ़ा), Wan = pale, weak (फीका), Mention = refer to, speak of (उल्लेख करना), Shocked = surprised, startled (चौंका हुआ), Indicate = point out, show (सूचित करना), Cause = reason, basis (कारण)

Honeycomb Class 7 Chapter 5 Quality English To English Word Meaning Page No.-77

Several = many, multiple (कई), Pairs = sets of two, duos (जोड़े), Wear out = exhaust, use up (घिस जाना), Again = once more, another time (फिर से), Shop = store, outlet (दुकान),

Friend’s = buddy’s, pal’s (दोस्त की), Around = about, approximately (आस-पास), Shape = form, structure (आकार), Fit = suitability, appropriateness (फिट), Finish = completion, final touch (समाप्ति),

Quality = standard, caliber (गुणवत्ता), Leather = material from animal skin, hide (चमड़ा), Posted = mailed, sent off (भेजा), Cheque = a written order directing a bank to pay money (चेक), Passing = going by, crossing (गुजर रहा), Street = road, lane (सड़क),

Disturbed = upset, troubled (चिंतित), English face = British appearance (अंग्रेज़ी चेहरा), Taken over = acquired, assumed control of (संचालन में लेना), Received = got, obtained (प्राप्त किया)

Quality Chapter Class 7 Word Meaning English Page No.-78

Starved = went hungry, deprived (भूखा), Starvation = extreme hunger, famine (भुखमरी), Work = job, labor (काम), Shop = store, outlet (दुकान),

Soul = person, individual (आत्मा/व्यक्ति), Order = request, command (आदेश), Wait = pause, halt (प्रतीक्षा), Competition = rivalry, contest (प्रतिस्पर्धा), Advertised = promoted, publicized (प्रचार किया), Leather = hide, skin material (चमड़ा),

Ideas = thoughts, concepts (विचार), Flowery = decorative, ornate (भव्य/अलंकरित), Sitting over = focused on, engrossed in (ध्यान केंद्रित करना), Day and night = continuously, all the time (दिन रात), Last = final, end (अंतिम)

Class 7 Chapter 5 Quality Difficult Word Meaning English Page No.-79

Watch = observe, look at (देखना), Time = moment, duration (समय), Eat = consume, ingest (खाना), Penny = coin, small money (पैसा),

House = home, residence (घर), Rent = lease payment, fee (किराया), Leather = hide, skin material (चमड़ा), Lived = existed, survived (जीना),

Regularly = often, habitually (नियमित रूप से), Fire = flame, blaze (आग), Character = personality, individuality (चरित्र), Made = created, produced (बनाया), Good = quality, excellent (अच्छा), Boots = footwear, shoes (बूट)