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By | October 4, 2023

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from A Gift of Chappals. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying A Gift of Chappals Word Meanings from Honeycomb Class 7.”

Hard Words : A Gift of Chappals Page No.- 18

Smiling = grinning, cheerful (हंसते हुए), Threw open = opened quickly, unveiled (तेजी से खोला), Rushed out = moved fast, darted (तेजी से निकलना), Pulled = dragged, tugged (खींचना), Slippers = footwear, sandals (चप्पल), Protested = opposed, objected (विरोध किया), Dust = fine dirt, particles (धूल), Scrawny = skinny, lean (दुबला), Backyard = rear garden, outdoor area (पीछे का आंगन),

Bitter-berry bush = specific plant, shrub (विषम फलदार पौधा), Torn = ripped, damaged (फटा हुआ), Football = sports ball, game sphere (फुटबॉल), Sacking = coarse cloth, bag material (बोरा का कपड़ा), Kitten = young cat, feline (बिल्ली का बच्चा), Lapping up = drinking, sipping (जीभ से चाटना), Mewing = cat’s sound, meowing (बिल्ली की आवाज़)

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A Gift of Chappals Difficult Words in English Page No.- 19

Secret = hidden, undisclosed (रहस्य), Amma = mother, mom (अम्मा/माँ), Paati = grandma, granny (पाती/दादी), Paddu Mama’s house = uncle’s home, relative’s residence (पड्डु मामा का घर), Scream = shout, yell (चिल्लाना), Dirty creature = unclean animal, messy being (गंदी प्राणी),

Kitchen = cooking area, pantry (रसोई), Glass = tumbler, container (ग्लास), Hungry = starved, famished (भूखा), Scent = smell, odor (गंध), Tumbler = glass, cup (पीने का ग्लास), Trouble = problem, issue (मुश्किल)

Good Word Meaning from the Lesson A Gift of Chappals Page No.- 20

Coconut shell = husk, cover (नारियल की खोल), Suspicious = doubtful, wary (संदेहपूर्ण), Mahendran = name, title (महेन्द्रन), Kitty = kitten, young cat (छोटी बिल्ली), Impressed = awed, admiring (प्रभावित), Breed = type, kind (जाति), Mane = hair, tuft (गरदन के बाल),

Emblem = symbol, sign (प्रतीक), Giggled = chuckled, snickered (हंसी), Mahabalipuram = place, location (महाबलिपुरम), Statue = figure, sculpture (प्रतिमा), Descendant = heir, offspring (वंशज), Scientifically = methodically, precisely (वैज्ञानिक रूप में),

Dynasty = lineage, rulers (राजवंश), Rishi-Cat = special cat, historic cat (रिषि-बिल्ली), Worshipped = revered, adored (पूजा की गई), Ancient Egypt = old Egypt, historic period (प्राचीन मिस्र)

A Gift of Chappals Chapter English Difficult Words Page No.- 21

Voice = Sound, Tone (आवाज़), Exchanged looks = Glanced, Peeped (निहारा), Demanded = Asked, Queried (मांगा), Descended = Originated, Derived (उत्पन्न हुआ), Stowaway = Sneak, Hider (छिपनेवाला), Flourished = Waved, Showed (दिखाया), Alarmed = Scared, Startled (डराया), Sharpening = Honing, Edging (तेज़ करना), Weird = Odd, Strange (अजीब),

Startled = Shocked, Surprised (अचंभित), Scurried = Dashed, Ran (दौड़ा), Bamboo tray = Dish, Plate (थाली), Chillies = Peppers, Spices (मिर्चियाँ), Howled = Cried, Yelped (चिल्लाया), Kreeching = Screeching, Yelling (चीखना), Violin = Fiddle, Instrument (वायलिन),

Grunted = Mumbled, Groaned (बुरबुराया), Whizzing = Zooming, Rushing (तेज़ी से चलना), Derailed = Deviated, Astray (पटरी से बाहर), Off track = Astray, Deviating (गलत दिशा में)

A Gift of Chappals Class 7 Word Meaning in English Page No.- 22

Crept = Moved slowly, Sneaked (रहराहकर चलना), Awkwardly = Clumsily, Uneasily (अजीब तरीके से), Violin = String instrument, Fiddle (वायलिन), Bowstring = String, Cord (तार), Jutting out = Sticking out, Protruding (बाहर निकला हुआ), Glazed = Glassy, Unfocused (धुंधला), Bony = Thin, Skinny (हड्डीदार), Tuft = Cluster, Bunch (गुच्छा), Gleamed = Shined, Sparkled (चमका),

Leathery = Tough, Hardened (चमड़े जैसा), Glittered = Shone, Twinkled (चमकता), Glide = Slide, Slip (फिसलना), Veshti = Traditional wrap, Drape (वेष्टी), Scrawny = Skinny, Thin (पतला), Stumbled = Tripped, Faltered (ठोकर लगना), Helpless = Powerless, Incapable (असहाय)

Class 7 English A Gift of Chappals English To English Word Meaning Page No.- 23

Unhappy = Sad, Distressed (दुखी), Difference = Distinction, Contrast (अंतर), Float = Drift, Glide (तैरना), Invisible = Unseen, Hidden (अदृश्य), Melody = Tune, Song (संगीत), Wheels = Circular parts, Disks (पहिये), Rails = Tracks, Bars (रेल की पटरी), Whizzing = Rushing, Zooming (तेजी से चलना), Beringed = Wearing rings, Adorned (अंगूठी पहने हुए), Effortlessly = Easily, Smoothly (बिना मेहनत के),

Squawk = Harsh sound, Shriek (कड़काश आवाज़), Derailing = Going off track, Deviating (पटरी से उतर जाना), Wail = Cry, Moan (विलाप), Beggar = Pauper, Vagrant (भिखारी), Verandah = Porch, Terrace (बारामदा), Chatting = Talking, Conversing (गपशप करना)

Class 7 English Chapter A Gift of Chappals Word Meaning English Page No.- 24

Tapi = Name, Person’s name (तापी), Beggar = Pauper, Vagrant (भिखारी), Garden = Yard, Lawn (बाग़), Neem tree = Medicinal tree, Azadirachta indica (नीम का पेड़), Snooze = Nap, Short sleep (सोना), Alms = Charity, Donation (भिक्षा), Sternly = Firmly, Seriously (कठोरता से), Choked = Strangled, Constricted (घुटन), Generosity = Kindness, Charity (उदारता),

Rumble = Deep sound, Resonance (गरज), Withered = Dried up, Shriveled (मुरझाया हुआ), Betel-chewing = Consuming paan, Eating betel leaf (पान खाना), Fed up = Irritated, Tired (उकता गया), Sighed = Exhaled, Moaned (सिसकी लेना), Wearily = Tiredly, Fatigued (थकान से), Tar = Black viscous liquid, Paving substance (तार)

Class 7 A Gift of Chappals Difficult Word Meaning English Page No.- 25

Blistered = Swollen, Inflamed (छाला), Chappals = Sandals, Footwear (चप्पल), Whispered = Murmured, Mumbled (फुसफुसाया), Dhoti = Traditional Indian cloth, Garment (धोती), Gleaming = Shining, Sparkling (चमकता हुआ), Blubbering = Sobbing, Crying (रोते हुए), Verandah = Porch, Balcony (बारामदा), Shabby-looking = Worn out, Ragged (पुराना दिखने वाला),

Sturdy = Strong, Robust (मजबूत), Nervously = Anxiously, Uneasily (बेचैनी से), Garden = Backyard, Lawn (बगीचा), Sole = Underside of the foot, Base (पैर के तले), Beggar = Pauper, Homeless person (भिखारी), Peeling = Flaking, Shedding (छिल जाना), Tightening = Securing, Fastening (कसना), Fearfully = Apprehensively, Anxiously (डर के साथ), Afternoon = Midday, Noon time (दोपहर),

Blubbering = Crying, Whining (बिलख़ बिलख़ कर रोना), Verandah = Terrace, Porch (बारामदा), Glanced = Looked quickly, Peeked (झलक देखना), Beamed = Smiled, Grinned (मुस्कराया)

English Class 7 Chapter A Gift of Chappals Word Meaning English to Hindi Page No.- 26

Towel = Cloth for drying, Linen (तौलिया), Corner = Intersection, Angle (कोना), Search = Look for, Seek (खोजना), Railing = Barrier, Fence (रेलिंग), Crouching = Bending low, Stooping (झुक कर बैठना), Flower pots = Plant containers, Vases (फूलदान),

Brand new = Completely new, Unused (नया नामकरण), Fees = Charge, Payment (शुल्क), Harassed = Disturbed, Bothered (परेशान), Upsetting = Distressing, Worrying (अप्रिय), Vendors = Sellers, Traders (विक्रेता), Stolen = Taken without permission, Pilfered (चुराया हुआ), Vanished = Disappeared, Gone (गायब),

Muttering = Speaking softly, Grumbling (फुसफुसाना), Unappreciative = Unthankful, Critical (असंतुष्ट), Scurried = Moved quickly, Darted (फुर्ती से चलना), Worried = Concerned, Anxious (चिंतित)

Chapter 2 A Gift of Chappals Word Meaning Vocabulary Page No.- 27

Curiously = Strangely, Unusually (अजीब तरह से), Lurking = Hiding, Sneaking (छिपना), Verandah = Porch, Terrace (बारामदा), Eyebrows = Hair above eyes, Brow (भौंहें), Angry = Upset, Furious (नाराज), Shiver = Tremble, Quiver (कांपना), Breath = Inhalation, Respiration (सांस),

Grimly = Seriously, Sternly (कठोरता से), Groaned = Complained, Moaned (कराहना), Generous = Kind-hearted, Charitable (उदार), Snapped = Said sharply, Retorted (तेजी से कहना), Rushed = Moved quickly, Sped (जल्दी से चलना), Brashly = Boldly, Rudely (धृष्टता से),

Naughty = Mischievous, Playful (शरारती), Hardly worn = Barely used, Slightly worn (शायद ही पहना हुआ), Lit up = Brightened, Illuminated (रौंगते आना), Suppose = Assume, Guess (मान लेना)

A Gift of Chappals Class 7 Page Word Meaning with Hindi No.- 28

Respect = Reverence, Esteem (सम्मान), Elders = Senior people, Older generation (बड़ों), Incarnate = Embodiment, Personification (अवतार), Naughty = Mischievous, Playful (शरारती), Flashed = Glinted, Sparkled (चमकना), Monkey = Primate, Simian (बंदर),

Holy = Sacred, Divine (पवित्र), Stiff = Rigid, Firm (कठोर), Clattered = Made noise, Rattled (कूल कूल की आवाज़), Tiffin = Light meal, Snack (छोटा भोजन), Honestly = Truly, Frankly (सच मुच), Throw off = Remove quickly, Discard (तेजी से उतार देना), Shoes = Footwear, Sneakers (जूते),

Socks = Hosiery, Stockings (मोजे), Chappals = Slippers, Sandals (चप्पल), Hurry = Rush, Quickness (जल्दी), Laugh = Giggle, Chuckle (हंसना)