Discursive Unseen Passage for Class 10 : Questions & Answers with MCQs – 2024-25 Solved PDF

By | January 2, 2024

This page has unseen passages for class 10 with questions and answers in all forms including MCQ, subjective and fill ups that are vocabulary based as well. Prepare for the 2024-25 academic year with us. Specially designed material is here to guide you unseen passages, providing you with comprehensive solutions and strategies to excel.  Dive in now and start your journey towards achieving top marks in your board exams.

Unseen Passage for Class 10 with Questions and Answers- Discursive Passage – 1

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Comprehension Passage Reading  : HVAC Systems and Energy Conservation” PASSAGE — 4

I. Read the passage given below

1. Maintaining a business infrastructure is an expensive task and your HVAC (Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system is a key part of these costs. But replacing an outdated system with new efficient units and advanced controls will benefit your organization in many ways.

2. On average, HVAC equipment accounts for upto 44% of a business’ monthly energy expenditures. Immediate energy savings will be realized with a new efficient system. New systems use motors and compressors with less energy consumption than their counter parts designed and manufactured a decade ago. Further savings will be seen with advanced variable frequency drives and energy management systems.

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3. Natural resource conservation benefits us and our environment. New high-efficiency equipment and design strategies reduce overall energy consumption and environmental impact. Green HVAC systems save money and reduce environmental impact when designed, installed, and maintained properly.

4. Programmable thermostats area simple upgrade, allowing you to control the system based on time. In the summer, if your business is closed from 8:00pm to 6:00 am set the programable thermostat cooling point higher. If the unit is not running, it will not use energy. Greater savings will be seen with advanced designs and controls. Zoning systems allow one system to maintain different temperatures in different locations.

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5. Property values are based on location and the infrastructure in place. A new energy efficient system will increase the building value if you lease or sell.

6. In retail situations, even temperatures and proper ventilation will put your customers at ease. A customer that is uncomfortable may not return and a loyal customer is worth 10 times their initial purchase.

7. Performance gains will be seen in both process and employees. Maintaining proper coolant temperature in machining equipment will reduce tool wear and increase product quality. Worker performance will also increase. Employees are more productive without the added stress of an uncomfortable work environment.

8. With ageing, systems and components wear out. Repairs will be needed. Before committing to a repair, it is advisable to compare the service cost versus there placement cost. The replacement system’s energy savings alone may pay for itself with in a few years.

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer any six out of the eight questions by choosing the correct option.

  1. The author in the given passage wants to highlight…………….
    (a) the benefits of energy conservation
    (b) how one can manage his business organization
    (c) Energy conservation through advanced HVAC equipment
    (d) the importance of maintenance
  1. The pie chart shows the breakup percentage of Average Business Energy consumption. Accordingly, which of the following components consumes the maximum energy?
    (a) Heating
    (b) Ventilation
    (c) Cooling
    (d) Lighting
  1. Apropos pare 2 and 3, which of the following statements is INCORRECT?
    (a) New systems offer less energy consumption
    (b) HVAC equipments account for major energy expenditure
    (c) The earlier HVAC systems were cost effective.
    (d) Variable frequency drives offer good savings.
  1. The factor that makes green HVAC system quite environment friendly is its :
    (a) design
    (b) installation
    (c) maintenance
    (d) all of the above
  1. Programmable thermostats are a great advantage because……….
    (a) they are very cheap
    (b) they stop the units when not required
    (c) they are simple upgrade
    (d) none of these
  1. Which of the following helps in maintaining different temperatures in different locations?
    (a) thermostat
    (b) motors
    (c) compressors
    (d) zoning system
  1. Maintaining proper coolant temperature in machining equipment helps in :
    (a) Reducing tool wear
    (b) Increasing product quality
    (c) Improving worker’s performance
    (d) All of the above
  1. Which of the following does not help a customer feel at ease in a retail store :
    (a) Even temperature
    (b) proper lighting
    (c) proper ventilation
    (d) proper parking


1.(c) Energy conservation through advanced HVAC equipment
2. (d) Lighting
3. (c) The earlier HVAC systems were cost effective.
4. (d) all of the above
5. (b) they stop the units when not required
6. (d) zoning system
7. (d) All of the above
8. (d) proper parking

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Unseen Passage English : India’s Changing Forest Cover” PASSAGE — 5

Read the passage given below:

1. The forest cover was found to be increased by 1% for the year 2017 which is 21.54% of the total geographic area when compared to that of forest cover status in 2015 which is a positive sign towards the constant efforts that are being put in to protect the forest. This positive change in the forest cover is mainly attributed to the conservation and management practices that include afforestation activities, participation of local peoples for better protection measures in plantation areas and traditional forest areas, expansion of trees outside forest, etc. Also, with this increase in the forest cover, the country has procured 8th position among the top 10 countries reporting the greatest annual forest area gain. Although there has been an increase in the total forest cover in India, still there are certain regions within the country that has sought a reduction in the same.The main reasons attributed for this reduction are shifting cultivation, rotational felling, other biotic pressures, diversion of forest lands for developmental activities, etc. A transition in the various forest cover classes has also occurred over the past. It has been found that there is a reduction in the moderately dense forest and an increment in the open forest depicting degradation of forest cover to some extent. Changes within the forest cover classes result in decrease in the production capacity, thereby leading to forest degradation. Control and regular check of these activities can help in strengthening the conservatory efforts of forest protection. This is the necessity of the present time to conserve the forests in order to sustain the vital ecosystems and the major carbon sink to combat the effects of global climate change and ultimately maintain the environmental balance.

Untitled 9

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer any six out of the eight questions by choosing the correct option.

  1. What is the difference between the geographical areas in the year 2013- 2015 of forest cover?
    (a) 21.23%
    (b) 21.34%
    (c) 0.11%
    (d) 21.54%
  1. Which of the following is responsible for the increasing in geographical area in 2017?
    (a) Expansion of trees
    (b) Afforestation
    (c) Protection measures in plantation areas
    (d) All of the above
  1. Which number has India acquired among the top 10 countries reporting the greatest annual forest area?
    (a) 10
    (b) 8
    (c) 5
    (d) 3
  1. Which of the following years has rapidly changed the forest cover?
    (a) 1997
    (b) 2017
    (c) 2001
    (d) 2009
  1. According to the passage what are the main reasons for the reduction of forest?
    (a) Shifting cultivation
    (b) Biotic pressures
    (c) Diversion of forest lands
    (d) All of the above
  1. Which of the following year had the lowest forest cover percentage in ?
    (a) 1997
    (b) 2005
    (c) 1989
    (d) 1999
  1. Find the synonym of the word ‘preservation’ used in the passage.
    (a) Reduction
    (b) Attributed
    (c) Conservation
    (d) None of these

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  1. Find the opposite of word ‘lose’ used in the passage.
    (a) Although
    (b) Procured
    (c) Larid
    (d) Change


1.(c) 0.11%
2. (d) All of the above
3. (b) 8
4. (c) 2001
5. (d) All of the above
6. (a) 1997
7. (c) Conservation
8. (b) Procured