Class-8 Creative Paragraph Writing Ideas, Topics and Examples

Descriptive Paragraph Writing is a major portion of Class 9 writing section Syllabus. This is basically third question of the question paper. Either article writing is asked or Descriptive Paragraph writing is asked. Means you will be asked to attempt only one. Paragraph in English has a high worth because paragraph writing is an art which you will learn through paragraph writing examples and self-practicewith paragraph writing topics. If we talk about paragraph writing format it is not very specific. The English paragraph we are going to provide can also be used as cursive writing paragraph and typing paragraph. We are providing short paragraphfor example. Use these as sample paragraph for good writing. Paragraph writing exercises are another benefit. Use these paragraph writing topics for various classes and be perfect.

1. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                                     AN IDEAL STUDENT

An ideal student gives prime importance to education and his studies. He is pure and simple in his habits. According to a philosopher, an ideal student should be alert and quick in mind like a crow. He has the concentration of mind like a heron. He should not sleep much. He should be free from the worries of family and the worldly affairs. An ideal student tries to develop his personality in all fields. He is a good student as well as a player. He has great respect for his teachers, his parents and the elders in the society. A good student is not a book worm. He takes part in games also. He remains away from strikes and other such activities. The attainment of knowledge is the only aim of an ideal student. He also keeps this aim before him. An ideal student has a sense of duty to society and the country. He takes part in social service and tries to uplift the poor and miserable People: Such a student builds a strong nation.

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 2. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                         HOW I WAS CHEATED ONCE

One day, I went to Delhi. As I got off the bus at the Bus stand and was about to hire a taxi, a man approached. The man appeared to be well educated. He was very nicely dressed and was speaking fluent English. It eared that he belonged to a good family. Lie looked very sad. He told me that he was going to Jalandhar but ie one had picked his pocket. He had no money for the bus fare. He requested me to give him sixty rupees the bus fare to Jalandhar. He noted down my address and said that he would return the money within two wee days by money order. I took pity on him and gave him sixty rupees. The man thanked me greatly and t away towards the bus stand. I felt happy at having helped a man in need. After two days I was to come c. I took a taxi from my uncle’s house and came to the bus stand. Suddenly I saw the same man talking to her man. I overheard their talk. This man was again requesting a person for money. He told him also that Pocket had been picked and he had no money for bus fare to Jalandhar. When I approached this cheat, he may. In this way, I was cheated.

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3. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                         WHEN I CAUGHT A PICKPOCKET

 Last week, I went to Delhi to meet my uncle. In the evening we went to Connaught Place. Suddenly n cried that his pocket had been picked. Someone had taken out his purse from his back pocket. I saw that n was running away. There was no doubt that he was the pick-pocket. I wrap after him. It was a time of traffic It was not easy to run after him on the busy roads of New Delhi. But I did not lose courage. At one point, seemed to have been lost in the traffic. But I spotted him again because of his redshirt. At last, I caught him, Palika Bazar. In the meantime, a few other persons had gathered there. The pick-pocket took out a knife to me. But the crowd which had gathered there over-powered him and handed him over to thee. The man whose pocket had been picked also came there. Ile thanked me greatly when I returned his to him.

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 4. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                                     EVILS OF DRINKING

According to Mahatma Gandhi, wine ruins not only our body but our soul also. Indeed, drinking of wine and other alcoholic drinks is a great evil. The life of a drunkard is ruined. He loses his self-respect and joys of life. He does not take care of his family and children. Ile wastes all his money on wine. As a result, his family and children suffer. He cannot give proper food, clothes and education to his children. In many cases, drinking of wine leads to quarrels and crime. Many crimes are committed under the effect of wine. Drinking is responsible for many accidents also. A drunken driver cannot control his vehicle properly. In short, drinking is a great evil. We should abstain our self from drinking.

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5. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                                     LIFE IN A BIG CITY

A big city is always crowded and noisy. Life in a big city is busy and fast. People are always in a hurry. A big city is full of smoke, dust and noise. The peace which we find in a village or a small town is absent in a big city. The poor people lead a miserable life in big cities. There are slums where people live in a bad condition. There is also a crime in big cities and the lives of people are not much safe. There are many accidents because of the rush of traffic. But a big city has its attractions also. There are big buildings, cinema houses and markets. There are big and modern hospitals. A person suffering from the disease can hope to get the best treatment. There are big schools and colleges where students can get all kinds of education. There are buses, taxis, cars and local trains to carry people from one place to the other in no time. Thus life in a big city has both it’s dark and bright sides.

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6. Write a Paragraph in about 100-150 words on the following topic:-

Ans:                                         A VISIT TO A HISTORICAL PLACE

Last year, I went to Agra with one of my friends. We saw many buildings there. We went to see the Red Fort and the buildings at Fatehpur Sikri. But I was charmed by the beauty of the Taj Mahal. We saw the Taj in a full moon night. This glorious building was shining beautifully. Inside the Taj, there are graves of Shah Jahan and his queen Mumtaz Mahal. Shah Jahan built this great. building in the memory of his queen. When he died, he was also buried in the Taj. This grand building stands on the bank of the river Yamuna. The marble for the Taj Mahal was brought from Rajasthan. Every year a great number of tourists from all over the world come to see the Taj Mahal. The Agra City itself is not beautiful. The streets of the old city are narrow and dirty. But Agra is world-famous because of the Taj Mahal.

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