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By | July 28, 2023
Theme of Kathmandu Class 9

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Theme of Kathmandu Class 9

The theme of this paragraph is the two major temples that make up Kathmandu, and Vikram Seth’s experiences with them. He visits the them twice, and each time the similarities are pointed out. Vikram Seth’s experiences show his observation of commonalities in worship between Hinduism and Buddhism. Another aspect of Kathmandu that forms the sub-theme is the general environment. The author briefly discusses the markets, roads, etc. of Kathmandu and also offers a few aesthetic remarks about the musical instrument, flute, after listening to an instrument seller performing on his flute.

Title of the Lesson Kathmandu Class 9

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal, but we don’t know what Vikram Seth is going to say about it. However, since his book is about a journey he took from Heaven Lake in China to India, we can guess that he’ll have something interesting to say about Kathmandu. Despite the author covering not just the two temples, but also providing a general impression of Kathmandu, this chapter still achieves its objective. The subject matter in this chapter doesn’t cover as much content compared to what the title would have you believe, but it still meets the objective set.

Kathmandu Class 9 Message

The excerpt of the travelogue describes the author’s travels in Kathmandu, with no ostensible message. However, within the text, there are deeper meanings. The author decries the noise and chaos of a Hindu temple and finds peace in the Buddhist temple. “The extract conveys the message that the purity of holy places must be upheld, by telling us how we pollute them in thoughtlessly through disposal of our clothes, cremating corpses, and dumping litter.”

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