19. Reading Skills Comprehension: Think Of The Environment

By | February 11, 2020

This passage is all about the Environment. It focuses on environmental pollution, environmental studies and environmental science. It can be considered an environment essay. Go through it and increase environmental awareness Reading Skills get sharpened by unseen passage reading comprehension test. We provide reading comprehension exercises with answers. Go through reading comprehension passages with multiple choice questions will help you in reading comprehension questions. We provide simple comprehension passages with questions and answers which have value based questions. These unseen comprehension passages are really helpful to all. Go through this reading comprehension pdf and reading passage worksheets to learn English.

Think of the Environment

Read the following passage carefully:                                                                          

The next time you take printouts unnecessarily or you throw a paper into the bin, think for a minute as to how many trees have been felled to manufacture something you use so often every day.

Can you take out some time from your everyday routine and devote it to starting a simple recycling programme at your school or your neighbourhood? Not only would you save our planet from the torture of felling greenery, but you would also reduce generation and dumping of waste into the environment.

Using recycled paper conserves natural resources. As our worldwide population grows, the strain on these resources becomes even greater. You can drastically reduce the number of trees cut down for manufacturing paper. In addition to saving landfill space, you cut down on your expenses of trash-disposal. There is a reduction in air pollution caused due to incineration. Making paper from discards instead of trees not only saves forests, but it also reduces energy use by up to three quarters and requires less than half as much water. Items that are made of paper and may be recycled are called the loose paper, a few examples are paper bags, envelopes, cardboard, wrapping paper, soft-cover books, magazines, newspapers and cardboard egg-trays.

 A paper-recycling programme gives a positive image to large corporations or business organisations. Parents can teach their children the importance of recycled paper by bringing about simple changes in their lifestyle. Schools can also train students to make paper products like folders, penholders, material for the display board, lampshades, teaching/learning aids, etc. Students can creatively make their own cards, files, folders, invitation cards and certificates for the school. Working on a paper recycling plant demonstrates the concept of recycling waste into ‘wealth’. The real success of such programmes is visible in the seemingly simple acts like students exchanging books in a new academic session, indirectly saving paper and thereby, trees. This is amazing that only a single sheet is saved by each child, 40,000 trees could be saved per year by students only.

Learning the facts about recycling paper will help you as you fulfil your part to keep the environment green. If we keep our minds focused on the desire to be friendly to our earth and her resources, recycling will become important. After a while, we will be in the habit of recycling the paper that we use in the course of a given day.

 (a) Answer the following questions:                           (2×4=8)                                                                                     

(i) Why do you need to think before you take print-outs unnecessarily?

(ii) Name the products that can be obtained from recycled paper.

(iii) How can schools help in creating awareness about paper recycling?

(iv) What act of children can save paper indirectly?

 (b)Answer the following by selecting the most appropriate option:               (1×4=4)                 

(i) The antonym of ‘increase’ is                                                      

(a) drastically              (b) incineration           

(c) reduce                     (d) discard

(ii) The synonym of ‘pressure’ is

(a) torture                    (b) strain                      

(c) disposal                   (d) concept

(iii) The synonym of `preserve’ is

 (a) save                        (b) recycle                 

(c) conserve                (d) keep

 (iv) The antonym of Incomes’ is

(a) expenses               (b) reduction              

(c) conserves              (d) wealth


(a) (i) Before we take print-outs unnecessarily, we need to think about how many trees have been felled to manufacture something we use so often every day.

(ii) Loose paper, envelopes, paper bags, wrapping paper, cardboard, soft-cover books, newspapers, magazines and cardboard egg-trays are the products that can be obtained from recycled paper.

(iii) Schools can help in creating awareness about paper recycling by training students to make paper products like folders, penholders, material for the display board, lampshades, teaching/learning aids, etc.

(iv) Students exchanging books in a new academic session and saving one sheet of paper a day can save paper indirectly.

 (b)   (i)         c. reduce

          (ii)        b. Strain

          (iii)       c. conserve

          (iv)       a. expenses

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