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By | July 28, 2023
The Snake Trying Summary in English

If you’re looking for a guide to the text in English and are taking tests soon, this might be the resource for you. Don’t forget to take note of The Snake Trying Summary in English. I’ve re-written it for your convenience to provide an easy reference for any time you need it.

The Snake Trying Summary in English

“This is a beautiful poem about a snake. One day, a snake was lying on the sandy bank of a pond or river. Someone observed it and ran after it with a stick. He wanted to kill it. The snake tried to escape from the pursuing stick. It ran with sudden curves in its body, maneuvering through the water to save itself.”
The poet sees that the snake is being chased, but he tells the hunter to let it go, in order to ensure no harm comes to the little green snake. Although the hunter does not listen to the poet, he catches and kills the small green snake.

The Snake Trying Summary in English (2) :

This, small poem deals with the idea that human beings should be cruel to snakes. The snakes must be left alone to enjoy themselves. The snake is seen being chased with a stick and trying to save itself from being struck. The long-bodied snake curls and curves its slender, thin body in an attempt to avoid the stick thrown at it. The poet finds the different shapes of their curling body to be very elegant and fascinating.
The snake moves through the water in the reeds to hide itself in order to avoid getting hit by a stick. The poet wants the person who is chasing him, to let him go safely to his hiding place, free from harm. This specific snake, which has green color and small size, is non-venomous and therefore, cannot harm even young children.
He is lying on a sandy bank of the pond before being noticed and chased by stick wielding people. Now he has taken cover in the green, slender reeds beyond the pond where he moves his body across the water using ripples to mask his movements.

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