98.Short Essay and Article on Plight of River Yamuna

 You come across the photograph given alongside and are upset to see the plight of Yamuna in Delhi. It is witnessed that it is full of garbage, filth and dirt and because of that the water of Yamuna is extremely polluted and has turned poisonous. You feel strongly about it. Write an article for a school magazine about the plight of Yamuna and how it can be improved (100-120 words)

Ans.                                                                 The plight of River Yamuna

 Our Yamuna river, once a holy river and also worshipped for its holiness, is now a drain. The condition of the river is an example of how the man can misuse an essential natural resource. This river which has been a source of drinking water is now a place for dumping wastes. What we can find there are dirt and filth. The water is black and frothy and it stinks. Chemical wastes from industries and factories around the river get collected here. Added to these is the sewage from households and hutments on the river banks. The water in the river is thus extremely polluted and in fact, it has turned poisonous. Environmental activities are pursued to clean up the water. But with no positive response from the public, clean Yamuna is still a distant dream. The government too has spent several crores to clean up the river which is gone beyond clean up. Serious measures like punishing those factory owners who divert their factory waste and the public who dump their sewage wastes and garbage in the river and a massive awareness campaign may facilitate the cleaning up process of the river.

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