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By | September 22, 2023
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In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from The Last Leaf. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying The Last Leaf Word Meanings from Moments Class 9.”

Hard Words : The Last Leaf Page – 44

Autumn = the third season of the year, शरद ऋतु; ivy creeper = that which creeps, सिरपेंचे की लता; storey  = in one floor, मंजिल; pneumonia =inflammation of one or both the lungs. = एक बीमारी;

gazing out = to look steadily at,टकटकी लगाकर देखना; respond = to make answer to, उत्तर देना;  whisper = to speak in a very low tone, फुसफुसाहट; anxiously = troubled, चिंतित ।

The Last Leaf  Difficult Words in English Page 45 :

Finality = the state of being final, अंतिम स्थिति ; nonsense = absurd ,मूर्खता ;  confident = in a confident manner , आश्वस्त ; bowl = cup ,कटोरा ; forever = till death ,सदा के लिए ; curtain = a suspended screen, पर्दा I

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English Difficult Words of the Lesson The Last Leaf Page 46:

Begged = asked humbly, प्रार्थना की ; miner = one who works in a mine,खान में काम करने वाला; model = a representation, प्रतिमा ; rushed down = swiftly went down,वेगपूर्वक नीचे जाना ; masterpiece= a piece of the highest workmanship, अति उत्तम रचना; remained = continued, रह जाना; tiptoed = on the tips of toes,पैर की अंगुलियों के अग्रभाग पर; peeked out  = squeaked, झांकना ; feeble = weak, दुर्बल ; reluctantly = unwillingly, अनिच्छा से I

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 Good Word Meaning of the Lesson The Last Leaf Pages 47-48 :

Storm = a violent tempest,प्रचंड वायु; fierce = violent, भयंकर; energetically = with energy, कर्मठता से ; clinging = sticking ,चिपकना ; depressed = dejected, खिन्नचित ; gloomy = dusky, अंधकारमय ; hugged = to embrace closely,आलिंगन करना ; soup = a liquid food prepared from flesh, fish or vegetables, शोरबा ; combed = dressed hair,कंघी की ; janitor = a doorkeeper, द्वारपाल ; shivering = trembling, काँपता हुआ ; ladder = a frame with steps, सीढ़ी ;  lantern = lamp,लालटेन ; flutter = to flap wings, फड़फड़ाना I

The Last Leaf Word Meaning Vocabulary Vocabulary

Artist—a person who creates art, especially paintings or drawing; Storey—floor; Seriously—badly; Pneumonia—a lung infection causing illness; Worry—concern; Condition—position; Respond—to reply; Whisper—murmur, speak very softly using one’s breath;

Anxiously—eagerly; Ivy—a climbing plant; Creeper—a plant that grows up trees or walls or along the ground; Autumn—a season when leaves fall; Finality—determination; Nonsense—ridiculous or not true; Forever—for all time;

Curtain—a piece of material to cover a window, etc.; Beg—make an earnest request; Peacefully—calmly; Miner—a person who works in a mine; Masterpiece—best work; Stupid—fool; Complain—speak out against something; Refuse—to deny; Tiptoe—to walk using front parts of the feet without making noise; Heavily—very much; Icy-cold—chilling; Feeble—weak;

Reluctantly—unwillingly; Fierce—very fast; Surely—undoubtedly; Energetically—full of excitement; Seem—to appear; Cooperate—to work together; Depressed—very sad; Gloomy—sad; Hug—to embrace; Recover—get well; Janitor—watchman; Shiver—to tremble; Wonder—surprise; Flutter—to move.

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