Hard Words : A House is not a Home Difficult Words in English with Hindi Meaning | Moments | Class 9 | 2023-24 Updated

By | September 22, 2023

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from A House is not a Home. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying A House is not a Home Word Meanings from Moments Class 9.”

Hard Words : A House is not a Home Page 49 :

Teenager = between the age of thirteen to nineteen years,किशोरावस्थ ा; awkward =trouble, परेशान ी; isolated =lonely,अकेल ा; involved =n made busy,व्यस्त होन ा; probably =possibly, संभवतया ; purring = making low sounds,धुरधरान ा;

swatting = hitting with the claw, पंजे से थापी मारन ा; rescued = saved, बचाय ा; stoking = feeding the fire, आग में ईधन डालते हुए; seams =line of  separation,दरार  I

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A House is not a Home Difficult Words in English Page 50 :

Engulfed =to cover/swallow completely, पूरी तरह से लपेट में लेन ा; documents = written records, दस्तावेज; crazed = like mad people,पागलों की तरह; yelling = crying,चीखते हुए; emerged = came out,बाहर आया I

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson A House is not a Home Page 51 :

Dazed = stupefied, परेशान ; piled = heaped,ढेर लगा दिया ; embarrassed = troubled,परेशान ; weird = strange, अजीब ; destined = fixed by fortune. भाग्य द्वारा तय; outcast = exiled, निर्वासित; geek = foolish, मूर्ख; curl up = to summarize,समेटन ा; zombie =a dull and pathetic person, एक करुणाजनक व्यक्त ि; surreal = strange,विचित्र;  ripped away = split away, बिखर जाना

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English Difficult Words of the Lesson A House is not a Home [Page 52] :

Grieve = pain, पीड़ा ; rubble= debris, मलबा ; vulnerable = tender, नाजुक ; robe = overcoat,लबादा ;  plight = bad condition, दुर्दशा ; milling = getting together,एकत्र होना ; shove = push hard, जोर से धक्का देना ; genuine = real,असली ,वास्तविक

A House is not a Home Word Meaning in English Pages 53-54

Focusing = pay attention,ध्यान केन्द्रित करना ; curb = a restraint,अवरोध  ; leapt= jumped,कूद ा; grabbed = snatched,ले लिय ा; apparently = clearly,स्पष्ट रूप स े; freaked = frightened,भयभीत हो जाना ; sorely = very much, ,अत्यधिक ; diminish = to decrease,घटना/कम होना  ; gratitude = thankfulness, आभार  I

A House is not a Home Word Meaning Vocabulary

Awkward—inconvenient, difficult; Seniority—being older or of a higher rank; Afford—provide; Freshman—a new student; Isolated—alone; Probably—perhaps; Nonetheless—despite the fact; Windy—with strong winds; Fireplace—hearth; Purring—mewing of a cat; Occasionally—now and then; Swatting—to hit; Entertainment—amusement; Rescued—saved; Stoke—to burn the fire;

Pouring in—flowing in; Groping— to search with hands in dark; Flames—areas of brightly burning gas; Spread—become larger; Documents—important papers; Certain—completely sure; Scream—to cry; Hold—catch; Fireman—a person whose job is to extinguish fire; Grasp—hold; Yell—to cry; Firefighter—fireman; Logically—with logic; Wrap—to put something around;

Emerge—come out; Hug—to embrace; Argue—to make dispute; Vanish—to end; Inhaled—breathe air in; Struck—suddenly came in mind; Horror—fear; Suffering—facing; Realise—to feel; Regardless—in spite of; Piled into—to go into quickly; Kicked off—take off;

Casualty—struck; Embarrassed—agitated; Weird—strange and unusual; Geek—disturbed; Destined—decided future; Curl up—to curve; Zombie—ghost; Surreal—not real; Ripped away—snatched; Put out—to extinguish;

Rescue—to save; Ache—feeling of pain; Grieve—to mourn; Rush—to run; Identification—recognition; Withdraw—to take out; Rubble—debris; Cleared off—cleaned; Apartment—a set of rooms; Debris—remains; Robe—a long loose piece of clothing; Crawl—to walk on knee; Plight—bad state; Responsible—answerable; Gym—a hall with equipment for doing physical exercise;

Shove—to push; Sweatsuit—sweater; Genuine—real; Outpouring—outflowing; Concern—to worry; Instant—moment; Relief—comfort; Focus—attention; Insecurity—unsafe; Curb—slope; Holding—gripping; Leap—jump; Grab—catch; Freak—frightened; Overwhelming—overpowering; Tragedy—very sad event; Diminish—lessen; Gratitude—the feeling of being grateful.

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