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By | July 17, 2023

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The Duck and The Kangaroo Word Meaning

Word-Meanings : Good gracious = an exclamatory word,हैरानी सूचकशब्द ;  hop = jump,कूदना ; nasty =dirty,गंदा ; long = desire,इच्छा I  Still = without any movement,स्थिर; quack = crowing sound of a duck, कां–कां की आवाज़ निकालना ; Dee = a river in England, इंग्लैंड में एक नदी का नाम ; Jelly Bo Lee = a place in West Africa, पश्चिमी अफ्रीका में एक स्थान l  Required = needs,आवश्यकता हैं ; reflection = thinking, सोच –विचार ; objection = trouble,आपत्ति ; roomatiz = rheumatism,गठिये का रोग l Rocks = cliffs, चट्टानें ; wonted = woollen,ऊनी ; web = feet,जालीदार पांव ; neatly = correctly,अच्छी तरह से ; cloak = overcoat,लबादा  I  Moonlight pale = dim moonlight,चंद्रमा का मद्दम प्रकाश ;  steady = firmly,मजबूती के साथ ; bound = leaped, उछला I


Good gracious—used to express surprise; Hop—jump; Bore—not interesting; Nasty—dirty; Pond—small water body; Beyond—further away; Ride—to travel on something; Quite—completely; Quack—sound produced by a duck; Over—above; Require—to need; Reflection—thinking; Objection—problem; Bold—brave; Unpleasantly—not enjoyable; Roo-Matiz—pain in joints; Rock—the hard solid material; Worsted— woollen ‘mitten; Web-feet— feet like web or having a piece of skin between the toes; Neatly—properly; Cloak—piece of clothing; Cigar—a roll of dried tobacco leaves; Moonlight—light that comes from the moon; Pale—dim; Balance— equilibrium; Steady— firm; Whole–complete.

The Duck and the Kangaroo Poetic Devices


Repetition of initial consonant sounds in a group of words.


  • Good gracious
  • Whole world

2. Imagery

We use imagery when we use descriptive language to describe something.


  • The Kangaroo says the Duck’s feet are wet and cold which is using the sense of feel.

3. Inversion

Two characters speak to each other alternately.


  • Said the Duck to the Kangaroo.
  • Said the Kangaroo to the Duck.

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