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By | July 17, 2023
The Duck and The Kangaroo Poem Summary

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The Duck and The Kangaroo Poem Summary

A duck is talking to a kangaroo. The duck compliments the kangaroo on his hopping ability and talks about how he lives in a pond that he finds nasty and boring. The duck says to the kangaroo that he wants to go out in the world, but can’t because he’s too big. He requests if the kangaroo will give him a ride on his back, promising not to move or make any noise. The Kangaroo says that he is willing but before this, he requires some reflection. He tells the Duck that he lives all the time in the water. His feet are so wet and cold that if he sits on his back he might catch the disease of roomatiz. Duck says he is not concerned with the Kangaroo’s cold feet because he always has enough protection to stay warm. He has four pairs of socks to wear and a cloak to keep him safe. Kangaroo agrees to give ride to Duck. Kangaroo asks Duck to sit on end of tail, and they happily start riding around the world three times.

The Duck and The Kangaroo Poem Summary (2) :

The Duck from the Pond is fascinated by Hopping as Kangaroos hop all over the fields, whereas Ducks spend their whole lives in ponds. She wants to go and explore with this Kangaroo who can hop for a really long time. The Duck asks the Kangaroo to take her for a ride on his back, promising to sit still without saying anything but quack. She wants to travel over land and sea, she wants to visit Dee and Jelly Bo Lee-imaginary places that fascinate her. The Kangaroo wants to please the Duck and agrees that the idea is not bad. However, he raises a concern that it might bring him bad luck. He also asks if the Duck’s feet are wet, which might make him sick. Rheumatism is believed by some to be caused by wet feet. Duck, to solve the Kangaroo’s problem, promises that she will carry four pairs of well-fitting woollen socks to cover her web-feet neatly. She add that she will smoke 1 cigar every day and will also bring a cloak to keep the cold away. She assures that she would do all this for the true love that she has for the Kangaroo. The Kangaroo agrees to start their adventure under the pale moonlight. We instructed the Duck to sit still on the tip of his tail so that it doesn’t shake and they started hopping around the world. This made them the happiest pair.

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