The Duck and The Kangaroo Question Answers

By | July 17, 2023
The Duck and The Kangaroo Class 9 Character Sketch

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The Duck and The Kangaroo Question Answers

Very Short Answer Type Questions

 1. How does a Kangaroo run?

Ans. A Kangaroo runs by hopping.

2. Where did the Duck live?

 Ans. The Duck lived in a nasty pond.

3. What did the Duck Wish?

Ans. The Duck wished that the Kangaroo should give him a ride on his back.

4. How would the Duck sit?

Ans. The Duck would sit still.

5. Where does the Duck wish to go?

Ans. The Duck wishes to go to the Dee and the Jelly Bo Lee

6. What fear was there in the Kangaroo’s mind?

 Ans. The Kangaroo is afraid of the Duck because he has wet and cold feet.

7. How were the Duck’s feet?

Ans. The Duck’s feet were very wet and cold.

8. What did the Duck buy?

Ans. The Duck bought four pairs of worsted socks and a clock.

9. Why will the Duck smoke a cigar daily?

 Ans. The Duck will smoke a cigar daily to keep himself warm.

10. How many times did the Duck and the Kangaroo go round the world together?

Ans. They went around the world together three times.

11. Who was happy after the ride?

Ans. Both the Duck and the Kangaroo were happy after the ride.

Short Answer Type Questions  (30 to 40 words)

1. Why was the Duck fascinated by the Kangaroo’s hopping?

Ans. The Duck was fascinated with how the Kangaroo hopped because she was not able to do it herself. The Duck had a more boring life, swimming in a pond, but admired the Kangaroo’s hopping over fields and water sources.

2. Why did the Duck call the pond ‘nasty’?

Ans. The Duck called the pond ‘nasty’ because it was neither interesting nor vibrant. It made the Duck’s life monotonous boring and devoid of excitement. The Duck disliked the pond because it restricted her.

3. Where was the Duck’s home and what was her deep desire?

Ans. The Duck saw her home as boring and restrictive. She wanted to see the world beyond what she considered the obnoxious nature of her ‘nasty’ and boring pond.

4. Why did the Duck wish the Kangaroo to take her for a ride?


Why did the Duck wish to ride on the Kangaroo’s back?


Why did the Duck ask the Kangaroo to give her a ride?

Ans. Living in her ‘nasty’ pond, day and night, the Duck had become sick and tired of the monotony of her life. She had observed the Kangaroo hopping around all day long. So, she wished the Kangaroo to take her on a ride, to have fun, and to see new and exciting places.

5. What different traits of the Duck’s character are revealed in the first stanza?

Ans.  The reflection of the Duck’s character can be found in the first stanza. She is very appreciative of the Kangaroo’s skills, and desires to go away from her pond and into the world.

6. What did the Duck promise the Kangaroo and why?

Ans. The Duck promised the Kangaroo that if he took her around for a ride she would fully co-operate with him. She would sit on his back very steadily and quietly so that he would neither be distracted nor lose his balance.

7. What did the Duck wish to do after leaving her pond? What places did she wish to visit in particular? Was she wish fulfilled?

Ans.  The Duck wanted to go on an adventure. She wanted to visit the Dee, Jelly-Bo-Lee in particular. Her wish finally came true when the Kangaroo took her on a trip around the world three times.

8. What traits of the Duck’s character does the following line reveal?

Ans. I would sit quite still, and say nothing but ‘Quack’ This line reveals that the Duck is a very co-operative, considerate and thoughtful creature. She knows that if she would make noise or keep on moving, it would inconvenience and distract the Kangaroo. Hence, she voluntarily offers to co-operate by being quiet and still.

9. Why did the Kangaroo wish to ponder over the Duck’s request for a ride on Ida back?                                       Or

What was the Kangaroo’s reaction to the Duck’s request?

Ans. The Kangaroo was a very sensible and wise creature. When he was requested for a ride, he was slightly apprehensive as he knew that the wet and cold feet of the Duck may afflict him with rheumatism, a disease marked by inflammation and joint pains. So, before committing anything, he wished to give the whole issue a good thought, even though the proposal could bring him good luck.

10. Why was the Kangaroo reluctant to carry the Duck on its back?


What objection did the Kangaroo raise when the Duck requested him for a ride?

Ans.  The Kangaroo was reluctant to carry the Duck on its back because he knew that the wet and cold feet of the Duck could make him uncomfortable. He objected by saying that he might catch rheumatism because of the Duck’s feet.

11. How did the Duck prepare for the journey on the Kangaroo’s back?


What preparations did the Duck make for her ride on the Kangaroo’s back?

Ans. The Duck bought four pairs of worsted socks so that her cold and wet feet could be covered and protected from the cold. She also bought a cloak to keep the cold out. In addition, she decided to smoke a cigar daily to pass her time.

12. What instructions did the Kangaroo give the Duck before starting the journey? Did the Duck comply with the instructions?

Ans.  The Kangaroo told the Duck to help him maintain his balance during the ride by sitting still. The Duck did comply and they had a smooth and enjoyable trip.

13. How did the Duck and the Kangaroo benefit from the trip?


Why did the Kangaroo and the Duck hop around the whole world three times?

Ans. The Kangaroo and the Duck’s trip resulted in immense joy for both the creatures. It made them the happiest pair of all. They hopped around the world three times which shows that it was a smooth sailing trip.

14. Besides her love for adventure, which other qualities of the Duck do you observe?

Ans. The Duck was a very resourceful and far-sighted creature in addition to her adventurous spirit. Although she was unable to hop, she convinced the Kangaroo to take her on a ride. Anticipating the requirements of the journey, she equipped herself with four pairs of woollen socks and a cloak to prevent herself and the Kangaroo from catching a cold. She also planned to smoke cigars during the trip to pass her time.

15. Where did the Duck live and what did she long for?

Ans. This duck was living in a nasty pond. He was tired of his life and wanted to go out into the world beyond.

16. What was the Kangaroo’s reflection?

 Ans. The Kangaroo feared that the Duck’s feet are always wet and cold. If he sits on his back this will make him suffer from roommates.

17: What preparations did the Duck make for the ride on the Kangaroo’s back?

Ans. He bought four pairs of worsted socks so that his feet could remain thy and warm. He also bought an overcoat. He smoked a cigar daily to please the Kangaroo

Q18. Why did the Duck want to have a ride on the Kangaroo’s back?

Ans. The Duck got bored living in a small pond. She wanted to see the world around. So she requested the Kangaroo to give her a ride on his back.

Q19. What did the Duck do to satisfy the Kangaroo?

Ans. The Duck bought four pairs of socks and a coat, as they were good for web-feet and helped keep cold out. She also smoked a cigar daily, which you should too!

Q20. How did the Duck express her intention to the Kangaroo?

Ans. She spoke to him most respectfully. She made a request to give her a ride so that she could also enjoy life on land. She promised to cover her wet-feet and smoke a cigar every day to fight against cold.

Q21. How did the Kangaroo react to the Duck’s request?

Ans. The Kangaroo, after contemplation, objected to the plan. The Duck’s feet were wet and cold and he might get sick.

 Q22. Which quality of Kangaroo impressed the Duck very much?

Ans. The Kangaroo was able to move from place to place and cover long distances by hopping. This impressed the Duck very much. She also wished if she could hop around like the Kangaroo.

Q23. What preparations did the Duck make to keep out the coldness of her feet? Ans. The Duck, who has web-feet, chose four pairs of socks to keep her feet warm. She also bought a cloak. Besides smoking cigars every day, the Duck performed all such things out of love towards the Kangaroo.

Q24. What did the Duck do to remove the Kangaroo’s objection?

Ans. The Duck bought four pairs of worsted socks. She also bought a cloak to protect her from the cold. She promised to smoke a cigar every day.

Q25. How did the Duck make her tour of the world comfortable?

Ans. The Duck was very eager to see the world. She made her friend — the Kangaroo ready for this purpose. But her friend had objection with her wet and cold feel. Therefore, to please her friend she bought four pairs of socks to fit her web-feet nicely. She also bought a cloak to keep her out of the cold. She also decided to smoke a cigar to keep the surrounding warm. Thus, the Duck made her world four comfortable.

The Duck and The Kangaroo Long Question Answer

Q1. How was the Duck able to leave her ‘nasty pond’ and do away with the boredom of her life?

Ans:- The Duck couldn’t hop like a Kangaroo, but she wanted to explore the world. She had observed the Kangaroo hopping all around and enjoying his life. So she decided to ask him if he would take her along for a ride. Foreseeing his objection about her wet and cold feet, The Duck bought four pairs of worsted socks to cover her feet so that the Kangaroo would be comfortable to take her around at their pace. The Kangaroo expressed his concern about getting rheumatism, and the Duck offered a solution. The two set out on a journey around the world, and the Duck was happy to leave her boring pond to go around with the Kangaroo. They hopped three times around the world, and became the happiest pair of all.

Q2. What apprehension did the Kangaroo have about the Duck’s proposed ride? How does he convey this apprehension? How does the Duck allay his fear?

Ans:-The Kangaroo was prone to bouts of rheumatism, a disease that causes stiffness, inflammation and pain in joints. When the Duck requested him to take her on a ride, he was a bit apprehensive and reluctant because her wet feet could increase chances of his getting rheumatism. He was frank and outspoken, so he did not mince his words while conveying his apprehension to the Duck. However, before objecting to the Duck’s proposal, he admitted that it could bring him luck. Still, he considered the entire matter carefully and told the Duck firmly but politely that her feet were unpleasantly wet which could probably give him the ‘roo-Matiz’. On her part, the clever and farsighted Duck had already foreseen the hurdle and had kept four pairs of worsted woollen socks ready to keep her feet dry and warm.

 Q3. What values can you draw from the poem “The Duck and the Kangaroo”?


This poem teaches the values of generosity and humility in a situation where one gains more from others. It is important to appreciate what others have to offer, which will help them feel comfortable around us. This whole process can result in the victory, which is winning good friends and happiness in life. The Duck and the Kangaroo are both very sincere with one another. The Duck is polite in her admiration of the Kangaroo’s hopping skills. This causes to the Kangaroo to ponder the duck’s request seriously. He politely objects, but then accepts the ducks solution graciously. Mutual respect and politeness help the two to enjoy each other’s company by having long and meaningful conversations.

Q4. Both the Duck and the Kangaroo are very sensitive creatures. Elucidate.

Ans:- Both the Duck and the Kangaroo are very sensitive creatures. The Duck analyses the problem of monotony that she faces in her life in a rational way. She observes the Kangaroo hopping all about the land and the sea enjoying life. She contrasts this with her constrained life in the nasty pond and requests the Kangaroo to take her out of her boring life into the far and wide world. The Kangaroo too is sensible. He takes time to consider the Duck’s request and is very careful in his choice of words while putting forth his objection. The Duck again displays her cleverness and farsightedness when she reveals that she is already prepared with an effective solution to the Kangaroo’s objection. Hence, both the creatures enjoy each other’s company and their sensible decision dispels boredom from the Duck’s life and brings luck to the Kangaroo.

Q5. What idea do you form about the Kangaroo after reading the poem?


The Kangaroo is an energetic creature who loves adventure and fun. Though he has a helpful attitude, he is also realistic enough to know his limits and doesn’t want to do anything that will harm himself while also offering help. That’s why he very frankly but politely tells the Duck the reason for his refusal to travel with her. He is very cautious and practical. The old man takes measures in advance to protect his private parts and ensure the safety of his feet. He encourages the duck to sit still on the tip of its tail during a bath so that it won’t be injured and also warns him not to lose balance. Kangaroos are straightforward creatures that enjoy being polite and firm. They keep their commitments once they make them, which is why the Duck chooses to ride with the Australian animal. Once he promises something to him, he enjoys going through with it.

Q6. Bring out the humour in the poem “The Duck and the Kangaroo”.

Ans:- The Duck and the Kangaroo is a Nonsense Verse and full of humorous elements. The poem has a basic structure of a conversation between the Duck and the Kangaroo, which makes readers smile. The honest manner in which the Duck pays compliments to the Kangaroo for his hopping skills is what makes readers laugh. The names the Duck makes up for places it wants to visit sound funny, like Dee and Jelly Bo Lee. The distortion of rheumatism to “roo-Matiz” brings an additional laughable tone to the poem. In a thoughtful way, the Kangaroo considers the Duck’s proposal. The reader’s rib are tickled by both the Kangaroo and the Duck. The conflict of interests between them is made funny through an underlying subtle humour in the fabric of poem.

Q7. Why does the Duck appreciate Kangaroo’s hopping?

 Ans. As a matter of fact, the Duck wants to have a ride on the Kangaroo’s back. The Duck lives in a nasty pond and gets bored. She also wants to enjoy the beauty of the world. But she knows that she cannot go beyond the pond. When she sees the Kangaroo hopping on the land, she thinks how lucky the Kangaroo is that he can go anywhere on the land and enjoy the beauty of the world. She appreciates the Kangaroo’s hoping to make her happy and then requests him to let her sit on her back and visit the beautiful world. Due to her sweetness and politeness, the Kangaroo allows her to sit at the end of his tail. Though the Kangaroo tells the Duck to sit steady and quiet still so that he would not lose his balance.

Q8. “Our politeness and humility compel others to accept our request.” Do you agree with this statement? Write your answer with reference to the poem ‘The Duck and the Kangaroo’.

Ans. It’s absolutely true that if you’re polite, people are more likely to accept your requests. We see this in the poem where a duck politely asks a kangaroo to visit the world, and the kangaroo agrees. So, to get your paper done by someone else, you should be polite and humble. This cannot be done forcefully. If we ask someone to do something they don’t want to, they’ll do it half-heartedly which means the work won’t be perfect. We should think about asking someone politely. It’s important that when someone does our work, we feel grateful and give them help when they need it.

Q9. Our ability to convince others helps us to achieve our goals. Explain how the Duck convinces the Kangaroo to tour the world.


The Duck asks the Kangaroo to leave with it. The Kangaroo, worried about the Duck’s wet and cold feet, is reluctant to accept. The Duck assures that she will wear socks and a cloak to keep herself warm. The Duck sat down and said nothing, but “Quack.” In addition, the Duck claims that they can see so many places around the world. So the Duck convinced the Kangaroo that a world tour will be of great joy.

Q10. Has any of your friends or relatives ever urged you for your help? Did you help him/ her? How? Answer with reference to the poem ‘The Duck and the Kangaroo’.

Ans. Mr Sharma is a clerk in a bank. I call him uncle. His daughter was studying in Class-10. Then I was studying in Delhi University and had opted for mathematics. As far as my performance is concerned I have been a brilliant student. I have always secured above 90% marks. Besides, I have taught a good number of students and they have performed better in their exams. Now they are studying in some good colleges and some of them have chosen the engineering course. As the income of my uncle is meagre he politely requested me to teach his daughter. I became impressed with his manner and assured him that I would teach mathematics to his daughter. I had taught her for three months and charged nothing. I completed and revised her course. Above all, I prepared her for the exam thoroughly. As a result, she secured more than 98% marks in the examination.

Q11. Going on a world tour makes us happy and increases our knowledge. Explain how the Duck managed to tour the world with the Kangaroo.


The Duck is bored with her life in the nasty pond. She wants to tour the world. As she cannot move around as she wishes, the Duck wants the Kangaroo to carry her on its back. The Duck is impressed by the ability of the Kangaroo to hop along very fast The Duck sat at the tip of the Kangaroo’s tail and both of them went on a world tour.

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