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By | February 7, 2023
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Rain on The Roof MCQ

                                                        By- Coates Kinney

1.“As I listen to the patter”- Patter of what?





2. What is the significant memory described by the poet while he listens to the sound of rain?

(a)His childhood memories

(b)Memory of his siblings

(c)Memory of his past life

(d)Memory of his mother

3. The last stanza indicates that the poet’s mother

(a)Is no more alive

(b)Is still alive

(c)Is sitting beside him as he watches the rain

(d)Is gone at dawn

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4. In this poem, who are darling dreamers?

(a)Blooming imaginative minds

(b)Children who miss their mothers

(c)Children who are poor

(d)Children who walk through the obstacles

5. “As she used in years agone”- Who is she?


(b)Poet’s sister

(c)Poet’s mother

(d)Poet’s long-gone friend

6. What does dawn mean?

(a)Time before sunrise

(b)Time after sunrise


(c)None of the above

7. Choose the phrase from the poem that describes the weather type before the rain

(a)Soft rain

(b)Melancholy darkness

(c)Humid shadows

(d)Tinkle on the shingles

8. How is the rain falling on the rooftop?





9. What is the impact of the tinkling of rain on the shingles?

(a)Makes the author eccentric

(b)Creates echo in his heart

(c)Makes him lonely

(d)Makes him joyful

10. “O! I feel her fond look on me”- Whose look?


(b)Poet’s mother

(c)Darling dreamers’

(d)None of the above

11. Who wrote the poem “Rain On the Roof”? 

(a) Robert Frost

(b) Christina George

(c) Coates Kinney

(d) Coates Kimley

12. What do humid shadows mean?

(a)Dark moist clouds



(d)None of the above

13. What does ‘hover’ mean?





14. What does “starry spheres” mean?

(a)Bright sky

(b)Cloudy sky

(c)Sky lit with star


15. The humid shadows were _________ over the night sky




(d)None of the above

16. The poet here describes

(a)A dark summer night

(b)An evening

(c)A dark rainy night

(d)Both (a) and (c)

17. What is described as “melancholy” in the poem?





18. “Gently weeps in rainy tears”- What does this phrase mean?

(a)Emotion of sobbing fiercely

(b)Emotion of soft tears rolling down

(c)Emotion of gratitude

(d)The emotion of gently passing by

19. Who weeps gently in the rainy tears?

(a)The cloud

(b)The speaker

(c)The sad darkness

(d)None of the above

20. What does the speaker describe as “bliss” in the poem?

(a)The feeling of lying down and pressing the pillow during the rain

(b)The feeling of going out and getting drenched in the rain

(c)The feeling of having the loved one around in the rain

(c)None of the above

21. What does “list” mean in this poem?

(a)Used as a word for “listen”

(b)An arranged order of items on a paper



22. Whose fond look the poet finds on himself?

(a)Mother earth

(b)Darling dreamers

(c)His mother

(d)The rain

23. What is the central theme of the poem?

(a)Rain makes one melancholic

(b)Rain brings back several memories and imaginations

(c)Rain provides peace

(d)Both (b) and (c)

24. “Ere she left them till the dawn”- Who left?

(a)The rain

(b)Poet’s mother

(c)Poet’s sister

(d)None of the above

25. What does “refrain” mean in this poem?

(a)Indicates repetitiveness

(b)Keeping away

(c)Selling off

(d)Indicates staying apart

26. “As I list to this refrain”- What is being referred to as refrain?

(a)The repetitive rhythm of the rain

(b)The act of staying away

(c)Looking at the rains

(d)Holding on the raindrops

27. Choose a word from the poem that indicates the time of the day

(a)Humid shadow




28. The last stanza of the poem reflects

(a)The calmness of rainy season

(b)Poet’s immense love for his mother

(c)Poet’s way of admiring nature

(d)Both (a) and (b)

29.“Which is played upon the shingles”- What is been played upon the shingles?




(d)All of the above

30. What do you think about the age of the poet?

(a)The poet is a toddler

(b)The poet is a child

(c)The poet is an adult

(d)None of the above

31.While listening to the sound of rain, the poet__________ his memories of past life.




(d)Speaks out

32. What does weave mean?



(c)Spread apart


33. Approximately how many memories of the past hits the poet’s mind while listening to the sound of rain?

(a)A Hundred

(b)A dozen

(c)A Thousand

(d)A Million

34. “Dreamy fancies” denotes

(a)Imaginative mind

(b)Peace of mind

(c)A blissful mind

(d)A practical mind

35. The poet is lying on his


(b)Cottage chamber bed

(c)Mother’s lap

(d)Newly purchased bed

36. What differences does the sound of rain create in the poet’s mind?

(a)Makes him imaginative

(b)Brings back memories

(c)Makes him melancholic

(d)Both (a) and (b)

37. “Into busy being start”- What/Who is referred to as “busy being” here?

(a)The poet


(c)Poet’s mother


38. The word woof in this context suggests-





39. Where do the raindrops patter?

(a)On the floor

(b)On poet’s mind

(c)On the shingles of the roof

(d)On the ground

40. Choose the antonym of condemnation from the below words taken from the poem





41. What is the favorite activity of the speaker during the rain?

(a)Recalling his childhood with friends

(b)Listening to music

(c)Getting wet in the rain

(d)Lying on the bed and listening to the sound of rain

42. What is the meaning of “patter”?

(a)Thrust on the back

(b)Repetitive tapping sound

(c)Shrill noise

(d)A blunt instrument

43. Who listens to the patter of the rain?

(a)The Speaker

(b)The darkness

(c)Mother Earth

(d)None of the above

44. What does melancholy mean?





45. What makes an echo in the poet’s heart?

(a)Inner cry to find his love

(b)The sound of loneliness

(c)The sound of rain

(d)The sound of his mother’s call

46.“Every tinkle on the shingles”- What does this mean?

(a)Water droplets floating

(b)Stormy night

(c)Floods during rain

(d)Water droplets falling on the rooftop

47. Tinkle denotes

(a)A sound

(b)An activity

(c)A pillow

(d)A gauge

48. The word “Shingles” in this poem denotes


(b)Wooden tiles


(d)None of the above

49. “Has an echo in the heart”- Whose heart?

(a)Mother earth

(b)The poet

(c)Poet’s mother

(d)None of the above

50. “And a thousand dreamy fancies”- What creates these dreamy fancies?

(a)The clouds

(b)The rainy night

(c)The sound of rain

(d)Both (a) and (b)


2. (d)Memory of his mother
3. (a)Is no more alive
4. (b)Children who miss their mothers
5. (c)Poet’s mother
6. (a)Time before sunrise
7. (c)Humid shadows
8. (d)Softly
9. (b)Creates echo in his heart
10. (b)Poet’s mother
11.(c) Coates Kinney
12. (a)Dark moist clouds
13. (b)Float
14. (c)Skylit with star
15. (b)Floating
16. (c)A dark rainy night
17. (d)Darkness
18. (b)Emotion of soft tears rolling down
19. (c)The sad darkness
20. (a)The feeling of lying down and pressing the pillow during the rain
21.(a)Used as a word for “listen”
22. (c)His mother
23. (b)Rain brings back several memories and imaginations
24. (b)Poet’s mother
25. (a)Indicates repetitiveness
26. (a)The repetitive rhythm of the rain
27. (d)Dawn
28. (b)Poet’s immense love for his mother
29. (a)Raindrops
30. (c)The poet is an adult
32. (b)Knit
33. (c)A Thousand
34. (a)Imaginative mind
35. (b)Cottage chamber bed
36. (d)Both (a) and (b)
37. (a)The poet
38. (b)Weft
39. (c)On the shingles of the roof
40. (d)Bliss
41.(d)Lying on the bed and listening to the sound of rain
42. (b)Repetitive tapping sound
43. (a)The Speaker
44. (b)Sadness
45. (c)The sound of rain
46. (d)Water droplets falling on the rooftop
47. (a)A sound
48. (b)Wooden tiles
49. (b)The poet
50. (c)The sound of rain

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