The Adventures of Toto Long Question Answer English

By | October 28, 2023
The Adventures of Toto Long Answer

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The Adventures of Toto Long Question Answer English

                                                                                    By- Ruskin Bond

I. Elaborate on the Adventures of Toto: Question Answer English Insight

 Ans. The tow was a pretty monkey. He was very mischievous. Grandfather bought him from a tonga-driver for three rupees. At first, Toto was kept in a little store. It opened into the narrator’s bedroom. Here Toto removed the wallpaper and tore the narrator’s school blazer.

Now Toto was transferred to grandfather’s private zoo-Saharanpur. He was put in a canvas private zoo. Here monkey did not allow the animals to sleep in peace at night.

Toto travelled with grandfather to In the stable, Toto gave a lot of as ag. Grandfather had to pay three rupees extra on account of Toto’s ticket. he found the water too hot, I trouble to the donkey. Once Tom putts himself into the kettle on the fire.

When lunchtime Toto saw a dish op.. jumped up and down. Grandfather saved him from there. One day, at the dish of pulao and ran out. lie – I rice on the dining table. He started eating rice. Then he picked them into pieces. sat on the jackfruit tree. After eating rice. he threw the plate and broke it into pieces

Q.2. Analyzing Grandfather’s Situation at Saharanpur: Question Answer English Exploration

Ans. Toto’s presence had still not been disclosed to the grandmother. The next day, grandfather had to go to Saharanpur to get his pension. He decided to take Toto along with him. He got a big black canvas bag and put Toto into it.

The bag was too strong for Toto to bite or tear. Toto remained in the bag as far as Saharanpur. At the gate, as the ticket-collector was checking grandfather’s ticket, Toto put his head out of the bag and grinned at the ticket-collector. He told the grandfather that there was a dog with him.

Grandfather told him that it was not a dog. but a monkey. But the ticket-collector was adamant and charged three rupees extra. Then grandfather showed him his pet tortoise. The ticket-collector said that it was not a dog and hence there would be no ticket for it.

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Q.3. Unraveling Toto’s Lunchtime Mischief: Question Answer English Discussion

Ans. Toto’s mind was full of mischiefs. One day at lunchtime, he found a large dish of rice on the dining table. He started eating the rice. When grandmother found  Toto eating rice, she screamed. Toto threw a plate at her. An aunt of the narrator came forward. Toto threw a glass of water at her.

The Toto picked the dishes pullao and ran out. He sat on the jackfruit tree. He remained there all afternoon, eating the rice. After that, he threw the plate and broke it into pieces.

 At last, grandfather realised that Toto could not be kept for long in the house. The family could not bear the frequent loss of dishes, clothes, curtains and wallpapers. At last, grandfather found the same tonga driver.H e sold Toto back for only three rupees.

Q4. Why does Grandfather take Toto to Saharanpur and how? Why does the ticket-collector insist on calling Toto a dog?                                                                                                                                                 (Textual)

Ans: Grandfather had to go to Saharanpur to get his pension. He could not leave behind Toto because his presence in the house was still a secret for Grandmother. In addition, Toto was too mischievous.

The manner in which he had torn the wall-paper, shredded the narrator’s school-blazer and ill-treated other animals made it too risky to leave him behind.

Grandfather securely packed Toto in a big, black canvas kit-bag so that he could not escape or bother other passengers. That is how Toto accompanied Grandfather on his train journey to Saharanpur.

The journey was largely uneventful but at Saharanpur platform, Toto poked out his head and grinned. The ticket-collector noticed him and insisted on charging the fare for him, for Grandfather had not bought a ticket for the animal.

As per the guidelines of railways, the fare could be charged only for dogs. So the ticket-collector insisted on calling Toto a dog and charged the fare for him by placing him under the category of dogs.

Q5. Exploring Toto’s Troublesome Journey to Saharanpur: Question Answer English Review

Ans: Grandfather had to zip up Toto in a big black canvas kit-bag for carrying him to Saharanpur from Dehra Dun. It was ensured that he could not escape or get his hands out or bite through the strong canvas once the bag was closed.

However, Toto was so restless that he tried to come out of the bag by jumping inside it. This made the bag roll about on the floor and jump into the air. It drew the attention of onlookers at the Dehra Dun platform and it became quite difficult for Grandfather to keep his presence a secret.

On reaching Saharanpur, Toto suddenly poked his head out of the bag and grinned widely at the ticket-collector. The secret of his presence got revealed and cost Grandfather three rupees that had to be paid as fare.

Q6. Deciphering Toto’s Lunch-Time Ruckus: A Question Answer English Perspective


How did Toto get on Grandmother’s nerves at lunch-time one day?

 Ans: One day, at lunch-time, a large dish of pullao had been placed at the centre of dining-table in the narrator’s house. When his family entered the room, they found Toto stuffing himself with rice.

This startled Grandmother and she screamed. Toto at once threw a plate at her in his defence. Then one of the narrator’s aunts rushed forward and Toto threw a glass of water in her face. When Grandfather arrived, Toto escaped through the window with the dish of pullao.

The family found him in the branches of a jackfruit tree with the dish in his arms. He stayed there all afternoon and slowly finished every grain of rice in the dish. In the end, he threw the dish and chattered with delight when it broke just to spite Grandmother who had screamed at him.

Q7. Understanding Toto’s Bathing Habits and Mishaps: Question Answer English

Ans: Bathing in a large bowl of warm water in cold winter evenings was a treat for Toto. He would cunningly test the temperature of the water brought by the grandmother with his hand and gradually step into the bath, first one foot, then the other until he was into the water up to his neck.

Once comfortable, he would take the soap in his hands or feet and rub himself all over. When the water became cold, he would get out and quickly run to the kitchen fire to dry himself. If ever someone tried to laugh at him, he would refuse to go on with the bath. His fondness for a hot water bath one day got him into serious trouble.

He noticed a kitchen kettle on the fire and having nothing better to do decided to remove the lid. Finding the water just warm enough for a bath, he got in. For a while it was fine, but soon he began hopping in and out of the kettle because the water had got really hot while outside the kettle it was too cold for him. That day Toto would have boiled himself to death, had Grandmother not arrived in time to rescue him.

Q8. Reflecting on Grandmother’s Human Values: Insights from Question Answer English

Ans: Grandmother appeared to be a tough woman. She always fussed when Grandfather brought home some new bird or animal but this fuss would disappear as soon as she would get into a good mood.

That is why she accepted Toto as the new pet after a few days. When Toto tore the narrator’s school-blazer to shreds, the narrator’s first worry was what Grandmother would say. He thought so because she gave the impression of being a strict disciplinarian. However, her soft heart had compassion for all.

Toto was mischievous and destructive since day one; still, Grandmother would overlook everything and give him a bowl of warm water to bathe. Again, it was the Grandmother who rescued Toto from getting boiled in the kettle. Thus it can be clearly seen that Grandmother had a kind heart, although she appeared to be tough outwardly.

Q9. Evaluating Grandfather’s Childlike Simplicity: A Question Answer English Exploration

Ans: Grandfather had a private zoo with different kinds of animals – a tortoise, a pair of rabbits, and a tame squirrel. But his childlike love for animals made him buy another animal, a monkey, as a pet. Grandmother did not like this habit of her husband, so he kept his new pet a secret from his wife. The manner in which he tried to hide Toto or admire him as clever when the former shredded the narrator’s school blazer, shows that although the elderly, Grandfather was actually as simple as a child. Again, when he hides Toto in a bag on way to Saharanpur and produces a tortoise from his pocket before the ticket-collector, confirms his childlike simplicity.

Q10. Discussing Toto’s Sharpness and Activity: English Question Answer English Insights

Ans: Toto was keenly observant and swift in his actions. He noted closely the manner in which the narrator took bath. He copied every action including testing the temperature of the water with his hand. His physical appearance added to his sharp and active image. Deep-set eyebrows framing his sparkling eyes, pearly white teeth frequently breaking into a grin, quick and wickedly used fingers, and a long tail made Toto look every inch a clever monkey. However, he used his intelligence for doing all kinds of mischievous things. He destroyed the wallpaper of the narrator’s bedroom, shredded his school blazer, did not let the other animals sleep peacefully, a bit on the family donkey’s ears, made holes in the narrator’s aunt’s dresses, and ate the pullao and broke the dish afterwards. Thus, Toto certainly was a sharp and active monkey but he was difficult to train and could not be kept as a pet for long and without peril.

Q11. Debating the Advisability of Keeping Toto as a Pet: Question Answer English Consideration

Ans. This question answer English guide suggests that while some animals like dogs make good pets, keeping a monkey like Toto is not advisable. Monkeys are mischievous by nature so they can create chaos and may harm the children at home. They are fond of damaging the things around them and it becomes quite difficult to attend to a guest. In the story, the grandfather who was fond of animals had many animals in his private zoo and they were living at peace. The arrival of a new member, Tao’, created chaos not only among animals but also in the whole house. Toto was not an ordinary animal. He was a very mischievous monkey. He became a headache for the family and at last grandfather had to sell it back to the real owner.

Q12. Do you have a pet? Describe your pet and compare it with Toto, the monkey.

 Ans. In response to this question answer English, yes, I do have a pet, and it is a dog. It is also very mischievous but not as mischievous as Toto. Its name is Puffy. It was only a month old when I brought it home. In the beginning, it caused a lot of problems for us but gradually it improved. We provided him with training also. It does not damage the objects around him. He plays with his toys only. He is very friendly to our guests also. He can differentiate between familiar people and strangers. When Puffy is there, no intruder can dare to enter the house. He is very powerful. He is nowhere similar to Toto. Thus it is true that a dog is a faithful animal.

Q13. Grandmother had an aversion to pets. Was it right for a grandfather to keep a mini-zoo in his house and also bring in Toto, the monkey? Discuss.

Ans. As we uncover in this question answer English review, Grandfather had immense love for animals. He had created a private zoo in the house. In his zoo, one could see a tortoise, a pair of rabbits, a tame squirrel and pet goats. He took the special care when grandmother had an aversion to pets. When Toto was brought home, his arrival was kept a secret. Toto was a naughty monkey. All the time he kept creating problems in the family. Since the very day Toto entered the house, he started damaging the household things. He pulled out the peg, tore wallpapers and the author’s blazer. Moreover, he never let other animals live in harmony with the other pets. He proved to be an expensive deal. So, grandfather was not right in keeping Toto in his private zoo. Grandfather should also have kept in mind the likes and dislikes of the grandmother.

Q14. Grandfather had kept many animals in his private zoo and cared for them. Does this show that we should care about animals?

Ans. Grandfather was a kind-hearted person. He was an animal lover by choice. He had his own private zoo in his house. He kept bringing home new animals that he liked. He was a fully determined person. He had a lot of patience and took all things positively. When he brought Toto, he felt satisfied. He wanted to keep Toto with other animals, but Toto kept disturbing other animals. So, Grandfather transferred him frequently from one place to another in order to make Toto adjust with the other animals. He was a man of strong mind and body. His taste made him a naturalist. He treated his pet animals as his family members.

 Q15. Animals should be treated with love and respect. Comment on this statement with the lesson ‘The Adventures of Toto’ as the background.

Ans. It is right that animals should be treated with love and respect. It is not right to show cruelty towards them. Even wild animals should be treated with care. In the story The Adventures of Toto’, we find grandfather showing love and kindness towards animals. He had set up a mini-zoo in his house where he had kept a number of animals. He also tried to give Toto a comfortable life. Since pet animals give us company, we should look after them with love and concern.

Q16. Many of us keep pets at home. How do pets benefit us? Answer with reference to the lesson ‘The Adventures of Toto’.

Ans. These days more and more people are having pets. Mostly, it is a dog or a cat. Pets give us company and provide us with emotional support. They amuse us, makes us feel happy and prevents us from feeling lonely. Grandfather had created a mini-zoo in his house. He had reared many pets. He showed love and respect towards them. Pets such as dogs even provide us with security. So pets are very advantageous and keep us happy.

Q17. ‘If there is a part of the brain especially devoted to mischief, that part was largely developed in Toto.’ Justify the statement. Why did even grandfather realise that Toto was not the sort of pet they could keep for long?

Ans. It is true that Toto had a very fertile and mischievous brain. He was always up to one mischief or the other. His fingers were quick and wicked. His presence was kept a secret to grandmother. He bit the ornamental wall-paper to pieces. The peg had been pulled out of the socket. The school blazer of the narrator was in shreds. But grandfather was pleased with Toto’s performance. On Dehradun railway platform, he suddenly poked his head out of the bag and gave the ticket-collector a wide-grin. He was classified as a dog and grandfather had to pay three rupees extra as his fare. One day Toto nearly succeeded in boiling himself alive. He was always tearing things to pieces. The family couldn’t afford the frequent loss of dishes, clothes, curtains and wallpaper. Even grandfather realised that Toto was not the sort of pet they could keep for long. So, grandfather found the tonga-driver and sold Toto back to him for three rupees.

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