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Introduction of Packing Class 9

This story is an extract from Jerome K. Jerome’s novel ‘Three Men in a Boat’. The narrator of the story and his friends found out that they would be taking a holiday soon. So, the question of what to pack for the journey arose. The author thought that he was an expert at packing and so asked his friends, George and Harris to leave it up to him when it came to packing. He then managed to pack some essential items but most things remained out. He opened the bag again. In order to complete the packing, he had to repeat the process over and over again. Harris and George helped with this task as they were not expert packers. They damaged many items while they tried to do the job poorly. The packing was finished at 12:50 A.M., definitely not in time for their goal of waking up at 6:30 A.M..

 (यह कहानी Jerome K. Jerome के उपन्यास  ‘Three Men in a Boat’ का एक अंश है । कहानी के कथावाचक  और उसके दो मित्रों ने छुट्टी पर जाने का फैसला किया । यात्रा पर जाने के लिए सामान पैक करने का प्रश्न आया । लेखक सोचता था कि वह पैकिंग का विशेषज्ञ है । उसने अपने मित्रों जॉर्ज और हैरिस से कहा कि वे पैकिंग का काम उस पर छोड़ दें । जब वह पैकिंग कर चुका तो कुछ चीजें बाहर  रह गई थीं । उसने फिर से बैग खोला । इसी प्रकार उसे कई बार सामान पैक करना और खोलना पड़ा । पैकिंग अभी भी पूरी नहीं हुई थी । हैरिस और जॉर्ज ने बाकी की पैकिंग करने का बीड़ा उठाया । मगर पैकिंग में वे भी कुशल नहीं थे । उन्होंने बहुत-सी चीज़े तोड़  दीं और काम भद्दे ढंग से किया । आखिर रात को 12.50 बजे पैकिंग पूरी हुई । वे अगली प्रात: 6-30 बजे उठने का इरादा करके सो गए ।)

Introduction of Packing Class 9

This is a humorous extract about the confusion and mess created by people who are inexperienced in the art of packing. It exposes the utter clumsiness of the three friends – George, Harris, and Jerome K. Jerome. They may have considered themselves to be skilled in the arts of packing, but they really had no knowledge of how to do it efficiently. They would promptly finish a job, yet not carry it out with a jerk free motion.

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