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By | July 17, 2023
Theme of Packing Class 9

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Theme of Packing Class 9


“Packing” is a humorous account that highlights the difficulty of packing. The three friends in this short story are the chaotic and confusing situations they create due to packing being so easy.

Title of the Lesson Packing

“Packing” is an appropriate title for this extract from the novel ‘Three Men in a Boat’. It forms one of the chapters of the novel. The three men are – Jerome, George and Harris. They have to go on a pleasure boat journey and have to pack for it. All three of them think they are ‘past masters’ in the art of packing, but all they end up creating is an utter mess. They are disorganised, unplanned, foolish, careless and unsystematic and cannot properly pack a thing. They blame each other for being poor at packing and each boasts of his packing acumen. Thus, the extract is all about packing and, therefore, the title is appropriate.

Message of the Lesson – Packing

The chapter humorously describes the do’s and don’ts of packing. Packing should not be treated as a frivolous activity but as a serious task that involves concentration and deftness. Another message the account gives is that if we have a pet, it should be well-trained.

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