No Men are Foreign-Quick Review of the Poem

By | October 14, 2019
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ByJames Kirkup


1. What should we remember?

     (A) No men are strange                                           (B) No countries are foreign

     (C) both (A) and (B)                                                   (D) none of the above

     Ans. (C) both (A) and (B)

2. A single body breathes beneath all ………..

    (A) uniforms                                                                  (B) souls

    (C) heads                                                                         (D) all of the above

    Ans. (A) uniforms

3. In the end, we all shall lie in

      (A) earth                                                                        (B) water

      (C) fire                                                                            (D) air

     Ans. (A) Earth

4. What are all people aware of?

     (A) sun                                                                            (B) air

     (C) water                                                                        (D) all of the above

    Ans. (D) all of the above

5. What are we doing to the human earth?

    (A) defiling                                                                      (B) saving

    (C) decorating                                                               (D) sustaining

  Ans. (A) defiling

6. We should we bate?

    (A) our brothers                                                           (B) our enemies

   (C) decorating                                                                (D) we should hate none

 Ans. (D) we should hate none

7. What message does the poet want to convey in the poem ‘No Men Are Foreign’?

   (A) all men are our brothers                                     (B) all men are good

   (C)all men are bad                                                         (D) God is everywhere  

  Ans. (A) all men are our brothers 

8. Who is the poet of the poem ‘No Men Are Foreign’?

    (A) James Kirkup                                                                          (B) W.B.Yeats

    (C) Robert Frost                                                                            (D) Phoebe Cary

    Ans. (A) James Kirkup

9. How can strength be won?

    (A) by War                                                                                      (B) by hatred

    (C) by love                                                                                      (d) by the strength

   Ans. (C) by love

10. What should we not do to others?

       (A) love                                                                                         (B) hate

      (C) care                                                                                          (D) meet

   Ans. (B) hate

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