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By | July 25, 2023
If I Were You Class 9 Long Questions and Answers

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If I Were You Theme

The play is about the importance of intelligence, the presence of mind and a cool temper in times of crisis. At this point, panic only complicates things, but cool temperament helps you come out on top. Don’t underestimate the masterminds of deceitful crimes. Because they are afraid of getting caught, you may be able to outsmart them with a tactful planning and effective handling of the situation.

Justify the Title If I Were You

“If I Were You,” is an appropriate title that refers as the wishful thinking of the intruder who wants to assume Gerrard’s identity. His idea of eluding the law by living on a borrowed identity remain unfulfilled as he was trapped by Gerrard and outwitted before he assumed his life.
Ryder’s dream of impersonating Steven Gerrard is quashed, and the ‘If’ in “If I Were You” lingers eternally with no hope of becoming a reality. The title, therefore, hints at the basic idea of the story, and is very apt.

If I Were You Class 9 Message

The play gives the message that over-confidence can lead to disastrous results. One should never consider oneself to be smarter than the opponent. An intruder thinks Gerrard is no match for him, but is found out alive after he takes advantage of his opponent’s neglect – but it’s too late because a veteran officer has already been killed.

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