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Class 9 If I Were You MCQ

ByDouglas James

1. Gerrard lived in a

(a)Beautiful cottage

(b)Crowded cottage

(c)Lonely cottage


2. Gerrard was wearing

(a)Rimmed glasses

(b)Golden chain

(c)A Ribbon in his hand

(d)A silver necklaces

3. The chapter represents a scene from



(c)Dance drama

(d)None of the above

4. In the very first scene, Gerrard was

(a)Cooking dinner


(c)Making a call

(d)Singing loud

5. Gerrard was dressed in a



(c)Track pants

(d)Tee shirt

6. A similarly build man like that of Gerrard comes with a __________ in his hand





7. The criminal coming inside was dressed in

(a)An overcoat

(b)A soft hat

(c)Both (a) and (b)

(d)A dirty shirt

8. The criminal comes inside and asked Gerrard

(a)To take his paws up

(b)To handover the valuables

(c)To feed him with desserts

(d)To hand over one crore of money

9. Gerrard wished to narrate about his ______ to the criminal, to which the latter didn’t pay any interest to listen.

(a)Dying mother


(c)Job and money


10. What were Gerrard’s Christian names?

(a)Vincent Golmes

(b)Vincent Jose

(c)Vincent Charles

(d)None of the above

11. Where did Gerrard park his car?

(a)At his friend’s place

(b)In the garage round the corner

(c)He didn’t possess a car

(d)None of the above

12. The intruder claimed

(a)He was as smart as Gerrard

(b)He was even smarter than Gerrard

(c)He was as rich as Gerrard

(d)Both (a) and (b)

13. Who all would visit Gerrard?

(a)The milkman and the baker

(b)The greengrocer

(c)The pianist

(d)Both (a) and (b)

14. What was the intruder’s specialty?

(a)Killing people

(b)Stealing money

(c)Robbing jewels


15. “You have been so modest”. Who is “you” here?



(c)The author

(d)None of the above

16. According to Gerrard, the jewels were far in the wilds of

(a)New Hampshire




17. According to Gerrard, one doesn’t need a great brain to break into his

(a)Big mansion

(b)Poor cottage

(c)White cottage

(d)Little cottage

18. What does dandy mean?





19. “A little harsh, isn’t it?”. What was a little harsh?

(a)The idea of stealing

(b)The idea of killing

(c)The idea of stabbing

(d)The idea of robbing

20. Why did the intruder want to kill Gerrard?

(a)He wanted to gain freedom

(b)He wanted to be happy

(c)He wanted to look handsome

(d)Both (b) and (c)

21.What was Gerrard’s profession?

(a)An actor

(b)A tradesman

(c)A business analyst

(d)A criminal

22. Who killed a cop?




(d)The man in the coat

23. Where did the intruder first see Gerrard?





24. “It looks like you’re a bit queer — kind of a mystery man” Who is the mystery man?




(d)The friend who called up

25. Why did Gerrard have a false moustache?

(a)He wanted to elope

(b)He wanted to fool the cops

(c)He was a part of a rehearsal group

(d)None of the above

26. According to Gerrard, the man posted on the road would ring up as and when he sees the

(a)The criminal

(b)The animal

(c)The car for eloping

(d)The police

27. Who said that the law can’t hang him twice?

(a)The artist

(b)The author



28. Where did Gerrard lock the intruder up?

(a)Inside the jail

(b)Inside the house

(c)Inside the cupboard

(d)None of the above

29. Where could the Sergeant be found?

(a)At the hotel

(b)At the balcony

(c)At the rehearsal group

(d)At the Public Bar

30. “Oh, don’t be a fool.” Who was being a fool?




(d)None of the above

31. Who was a crook man in the drama?




(d)None of the above

32. Since the criminal in the drama killed a cop, all he did was

(a)To walk amidst the city

(b)To dodge

(c)To find a shelter

(d)To find a good person

33. As soon as Gerrard realized that the intruder was a criminal, he

(a)Informed the police

(b)Freaked out

(c)Remained calm and extended the conversation

(d)Pushed the intruder inside the cupboard

34. Who is referred to here as the sympathetic audience?



(c)The police

(d)None of the above

35. “I’ve got brains and I use them.” Who said this?




(d)None of the above

36. Why did the intruder say to Gerrard that the latter wouldn’t be there for so long?

(a)Because he wanted to take Gerrard to the cupboard and lock him up

(b)Because he wanted to kill him

(c)Because he wanted to kidnap him

(d)Both (a) and (b)

37. Who had been hunted already long enough?





38. Who claimed himself as a poor hunted rat?





39. In most melodramas, the villain is

(a)Cleaver enough to kill

(b)Foolish enough to delay his killing



40.“I’m O.K. I’ve got a reason for everything”. Who got a reason?





41. Gerrard pointed the _______ towards the cupboard door while fetching the phone





42. Whose bag was packed up?





43. Who was the author of the drama?

(a)Douglas James

(b)Douglas Jones

(c)Douglas Jackson

(d)Douglas Green

44. Who went up and picked up the hat and bag?





45. Who was the protagonist of the drama?





46. “Careful, boss, I’m watching you.” Who was watching whom?

(a)Intruder was watching Gerrard

(b)Gerrard was watching Intruder

(c)The police were watching intruder

(d)The police were watching Gerrard

47. Who kept a man posted on the main road?




(d)The tradesman

48. What all weapons did the criminal have?

(a)A revolver and a knife

(b)A knife

(c)A revolver

(d)None of the above

49. Who said the criminal to clear his muddled head?

(a)The police

(b)The man at Essex


(d)Both (a) and (c)

50. What does crook mean?




(d)None of the above


1.(c)Lonely cottage
2. (a)Rimmed glasses
3. (b)Drama
4. (c)Making a call
5. (a)Greatcoat
6. (b)Revolver
7. (c)Both (a) and (b)
8. (a)To take his paws up
9. (b)Life
10. (c)Vincent Charles
11.(b)In the garage round the corner
12. (d)Both (a) and (b)
13. (d)Both (a) and (b)
14. (c)Robbing jewels
15. (b)Intruder
16. (c)Essex
17. (d)Little cottage
18. (c)Excellent
19. (b)The idea of killing
20. (a)He wanted to gain freedom
21.(a)An actor
22.  (a)Intruder
23. (c)Aylesbury
24. (a)Gerrard
25. (c)He was a part of a rehearsal group
26. (d)The police
27. (d)Intruder
28. (c)Inside the cupboard
29. (d)At the Public Bar
30. (a)Intruder
32. (b)To dodge
33. (c)Remained calm and extended the conversation
34. (b)Intruder
35. (a)Intruder
36. (b)Because he wanted to kill him
37. (c)Intruder
38. (c)Intruder
39. (b)Foolish enough to delay his killing
40. (b)Intruder
42. (a)Gerrard
43. (a)Douglas James
44. (b)Gerrard
45. (b)Gerrard
46. (a)Intruder was watching Gerrard
47. (b)Gerrard
48. (c)A revolver
49. (c)Gerrard
50. (b)Dishonest

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