Complaint Letter for Computer Problems

By | July 20, 2023

Complaint Letter for Computer Problems to the dealer regarding that I have been facing trouble working on my computer in the office for the last few weeks. You can also find Complaint Letter for Water Supply Problem

You received a defective computer in response to your order from M/s L.R. & Sons, Main Market, Bhopal. Write a letter to the dealer requesting him to change the defective computer at the earliest. You are Haider Khan of 43-Bagh WaliGali, Bhopal.

Ans. 43-Bagh WaliGali


 18 March 20XX

M/s L.R. & Sons

Main Market, Bhopal

Sub: Defective Computer

Dear Sirs

 I am sorry to express my utter dismay at the poor quality of the computer supplied by you in response to my order, dated 10th March, 20XX, vide cash memo no. 25987/69. On examination.we noticed the following defect and discrepancies in the computer supplied by you:

(i)The order was for Windows 8, Acer Computers. You have sent Windows 7 of the same brand. The price difference between the two brands is quite substantial.

(ii) The screen is of poor quality and the display is quite hazy.

 (iii) The sound system lacks depth and clarity.

M/s L.R. & Sons is a leading dealer in computers and the company enjoys a good reputation and goodwill in the market. As the purchase is well within the warranty period, I hope you will replace the defective computer at the earliest.

Yours sincerely

Haider Khan

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