21.Complaint Letter Regarding: The Fridge

By | July 17, 2023
Complaint Letter Regarding: The Fridge

Write a letter to Messers Gupta Electronics, complaining that the fridge you bought from the firm is not functioning properly. You want its immediate replacement.


RajanMalhotra 7-A , Model Town

Ambala City

 March 05, 2020

Messers Gupta Electronics

 Court Road

Ambala City.

Subject: Complaint about the fridge.


 It is brought to your kind notice that I bought a Godrej fridge of 200 Liters from your shop only last month. I am regretful to inform you that the functioning of this fridge is not proper.

Its freezer is not working at all. Sometimes the fridge gets switched off automatically. It makes a loud noise when it works. If it is opened with bare feet it gives a shock.

I think this piece has some manufacturing defects. I request you to replace it immediately. The warranty card along with the original bill is being sent with this letter.


Yours sincerely.

Rajan Malhotra.

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You are Rajbeer Singh of 20/4, KotMohalla, Kamal. You bought a Giant Whirlpool, Refrigerator of 300 litres from Sunder Electronics, Mall Road, Kamal. Within a month you found that the freezing section of the refrigerator was not giving a satisfactory working at all. Write a letter to the dealer complaining about it and asking him to replace the defective refrigerator at the earliest.

Ans. 20/4, KotMohalla


20 April 20XX

M/s Sunder Electronics

Mall Road


Sub: Replacement of the defective refrigerator

Dear Sirs

I am constrained to express my displeasure and resentment at the supply of a defective refrigerator by you. I bought a frost free Giant Whirlpool Refrigerator of 300 litres from Sunder Electronics on 10 April 20XX. I am sorry to say that the refrigerator didn’t give me a trouble-free and satisfactory service even for a few days. The main trouble started in the freezing section of the refrigerator. After an irritating service for a couple of days, it stopped working all of a sudden. It also started making an unbearable and irritating sound. I need not remind you that it carries a two-year warranty against any technical fault. I hope you will replace the defective refrigerator at the earliest. Needless to say that if the needful is not done, I will be compelled to go to the Consumer Court for redress.

Yours sincerely

Rajbeer Singh

Download the above Letter in PDF (Printable)

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