Complaint Letter Regarding Irregular Electricity Supply

By | July 2, 2022
Complaint Letter Regarding Irregular Electricity Supply

Complaint Letter Regarding Irregular Electricity Supply to draw attention to the irregular supply of electricity. You can also read Complaint Letter about Irregular Electricity Supply.

You areAditi/Amar of New Friends Colony, New Delhi. The residents of your area suffer miserably due to the frequent power cuts and voltage fluctuations. This results in frequent damage to electric appliances. Power cuts also cause great inconvenience to students at night. Write a letter of complaint to the Chief Engineer, Electricity Board of your area seeking immediate relief and quick action.


23-L, New Friends Colony

 New Delhi


March 02, 20XX

The Chief Engineer

Electricity Board

 New Delhi

Sub: Frequent power cuts and low voltage


It is quite surprising that the residents of such a posh colony such as Friends Colony are made to bear a lot of inconvenience and trouble due to frequent breakdowns of electricity and voltage fluctuations. Delhi doesn’t remain a pleasant place to live in the scorching summer weeks. The temperature shoots even upto 45°C and more. The erratic supply of electric power only compounds the sufferings of the people. The low voltage makes it difficult for the air conditioners and fans to operate at their required capacity. Great voltage fluctuations have resulted in damaging domestic electrical appliances.

Students of the area are the worst sufferers. The examinations are around the corner. They can’t study properly at night even during their examinations.

Friends Colony Residents Welfare Association has been taking the issue regularly with the concerned authorities. Nothing fruitful has come out so far. I request on behalf of the residents and students, in particular, to ensure the regular and trouble-free supply of power in the colony.

Yours faithfully


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