Class 11 & 12 Report Writing No.6 Education Fair

By | December 30, 2019

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6. You are Vibha Sharm a, a news reporter. Write a short report on Education Fair for a local newspaper. (Word limit: 150-200)

Ans.                                                                             Education Fair

by Vibha Sharma: Reporter

New Delhi, 10 April 20XX

Education Fair 20XX organised by `Disha’, an NGO, was held at Subha Auditorium, Kinari Lane between April 6 and 8, 20XX. More than 20 exhibitors from renowned Indian educational institutions/ universities showcased their professional programmes and courses at this global fair. The interesting features of the fair were seminars and workshops on career counselling, prospects of studying abroad, new streams and avenues, etc. Besides this, there were institute presentations, product demonstrations and LCD presentations by experts. About 2200 students from prestigious schools and colleges visited the fair and got expert guidance from well-qualified teachers and professionals with access to the latest information and technical expertise.

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