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By | September 21, 2023
A Legend of Northland Word Meaning with Hindi edumantra.net

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from A Legend of Northland. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying A Legend of Northland Word Meanings from Beehive Class 9.

Hard Words : A Legend of Northland – Page- 65

Away: Far off; distant – दूर, Northland: Northern regions; cold territories – उत्तरी प्रदेश, Hours: Period of 60 minutes; time – घंटे, Nights: Period of darkness; opposite of day – रात, Winter: Cold season; opposite of summer – शीत ऋतु, Harness: To strap or fasten; secure – बाँधना,

Swift: Fast; speedy – तेज़, Reindeer: A type of deer; Arctic animal – रेंडियर, Sledges: Carts for snow; sleighs – स्लेज, Children: Young ones; kids – बच्चे, Cubs: Young animals; baby bears – जानवर के बच्चे, Furry: Covered in fur; hairy – फर से ढका हुआ, Story: Narrative; tale – कहानी, Curious: Interested; eager to know – जिज्ञासु,

Saint: Holy person; religious figure – संत, Peter: A name; here refers to Saint Peter – पीटर, World: Earth; planet – पृथ्वी, Preaching: Teaching religion; giving sermons – उपदेश देना, Door: Entrance; gateway – दरवाजा, Cottage: Small house; little dwelling – कुटिया,

Hearth: Fireplace; firepit – अंगीठी, Woman: Adult female; lady – महिला, Cakes: Sweet baked goods; pastry – केक, Baking: Cooking in an oven; making food – पकाना, Faint: Weak; lacking energy – कमजोर, Fasting: Not eating; religious abstention – व्रत, Store: Collection; stock – भंडार

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A Legend of Northland Difficult Words in English Page- 66

Little: Small; tiny – छोटा ,Baking: Cooking in an oven; making bread or pastry – पकाना, Seemed: Appeared; looked – प्रतीत होता, Kneaded: Pressed and stretched, especially dough – गूंथना, Another: One more; additional – दूसरा, Tiny: Very small; minute – बहुत छोटा,

Scrap: Small piece; bit – टुकड़ा, Rolled: Turn over and over; revolve – बेलना, Wafer: Thin biscuit or cake – पतला बिस्कुट, Part with: Give away; relinquish – किसी को देना, Shelf: A flat horizontal surface for storage – अलमारी की खाँच, Angry: Upset; mad – गुस्सा,

Hungry: Needing food; having an appetite – भूखा, Faint: Weak; feeling like passing out – चक्कर आना, Provoke: To incite or stimulate anger – उकसाना, Selfish: Thinking only of oneself – स्वार्थी, Dwell: Live; reside – रहना, Shelter: Protection; a place to live – आश्रय,

Fire: Flames; warmth – आग, Build: Construct; make – बनाना, Scanty: Limited; very little – अल्प, Boring: Making holes – छेद बनाना, Wood: Hard material from trees – लकड़ी, Chimney: Structure for carrying smoke away from a fireplace – चिमनी, Woodpecker: A type of bird known for pecking at wood – कठफोड़वा

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson A Legend of Northland Page- 67

Scarlet: Bright red; vivid – तीखा लाल, Cap: Hat; head covering – टोपी, Rest: Remaining part; residue – बाकी, Burned: Charred; damaged by fire – जला हुआ, Coal: Black carbonaceous material used as fuel – कोयला, Flame: Fire; blaze – ज्योति, Country: Rural area; nation – देश,

Schoolboy: Male student; young male in school – स्कूल का छात्र, Wood: Forest; hard material from trees – जंगल, Trees: Large woody plants – पेड़, Boring: Making holes; drilling – छेद बनाना, Food: Something consumed to sustain life, provide energy – भोजन,

Ballad: A narrative poem or song – गाथा, Song: Musical composition for voice – गीत, Narrating: Telling; recounting – सुनाना, Stanzas: Sections of a poem or song – छंद, Folk: Traditional; related to the common people – लोक, Culture: Customs, beliefs, arts of a particular society – संस्कृति,

Orally: By speaking; not in written form – मुखिक रूप से, Generation: Group of people born and living during the same time – पीढ़ी, Legend: Traditional story; myth – किंवदंती, Northland: Northern territory or region – उत्तरी प्रदेश