59.Short Story : Hard Work

By | July 31, 2020

Writing creative short stories is an art. So don’t think how to write a short story outline because we are giving story writing tips for beginners along with with short story examples for high school and story writing topics. Remembering the importance of story writing for class 10 and story writing in English for class 9 have also been included. This page includes short story ideas for high school and story ideas for teenagers This page also includes story writing format CBSE class 8. There are so many stories writing blogs but the story writing ideas, story writing prompts, and story writing samples we are providing are nowhere. Find these story writing examples

A boy liked playing cricket and wanted to be a cricketer at any cost. He worked hard day and night and targeted at his goal with full enthusiasm. Once a visitor came to his house and told him that_____________ .

 Ans.                                                               HARD WORK

Raghav was a small boy who was active and energetic and was good at cricket. He was studying in fourth class in a school near his slum. He had a group of friends with whom he played cricket in the park in the evenings. Raghav’s style of playing and his technicalities were so inspiring that senior boys also enjoyed playing cricket with him.
Raghav’s passion for cricket increased day by day, as he showed more and more interest in learning the details whenever he watched cricket on the television. He worked hard day and night and set his goal toward achieving fame in the game. His sports teacher in school wondered at the way Raghav showed his overall skill in bowling, batting and fielding. The only constraint for Raghav to pursue his goal was his poor financial background. His father was ‘press wala’ and his mother worked as a maidservant. He had two sisters and a brother. With such a big family, his parents found it difficult to make both ends.
One evening he came back after playing cricket. As he entered, he found a man talking to his parents. He was holding Raghav’s cricket ball, which he thought was lost after he had played a sixer. The man called Raghav and patted him saying “What a wonderful shot you played! I was watching it from a corner in the park. I am the owner of a Cricket Academy. I was once a top player in our state team. I am now searching for talented boys to train them for our state team. I think you have a great talent in cricket. Would you like to join my academy for free coaching?” Raghav stood dumbfounded on hearing these words!

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