30.Report Writing Samples : Inter-School Debate Competition

By | December 15, 2020

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You are Ashok/Ambika. You participated in an inter-school debate competition as a contestant organized by the Rotary Club of your area in which you spoke favour ing the motion and you stood first. The topic was: In the opinion of the house, free education up to secondary level is the fundamental right of every Indian child. Write a report on this event.

Ans.                                         INTER-SCHOOL DEBATE COMPETITION

(By Ambika)

Delhi: March 5, 20xx

An inter-school debate competition organized by the local Rotary Club was held in our school auditorium. Ten schools including Hans Raj Model School, Delhi International School, Appejay Public School and our school were shortlisted to participate. I was one of the speakers taking part in this competition. About 10 students spoke in favour and an equal number spoke against the motion—Free Education up to the Secondary Level is the Fundamental Right of Every Indian Child. I spoke favouring the motion and pleaded that education is a must to make us, broad-minded, enlightened and tolerant. Education gives us a chance to do something for our society. Education up to secondary level should be made free and compulsory. I bagged the first prize and made my school proud. Second prize went to the students of the Apeejay School.

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